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Single-Use Products for Business Makers

Businessmen buy state officials. State officials eagerly trade themselves. The latter voluntarily enter the bargaining: because in the event of successful ending, beside pension, they sew up comfortable living not only for themselves but for their grandchildren inclusive owing to their state-financed (i.e. financed by regular citizens of Ukraine) positions.

Four Frontier Guards and a Moldavian
Quite recently, the press-service of the Main Office for Organized Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine informed that Vinnytsia policemen together with Vinnytsia regional department of Security Service of Ukraine found four frontier guards out, servicing in one of the border guard detachments, and a citizen of Moldavian Transdniestrian Republic, engaged in smuggling of alcohol.
The situation was the following. Four frontier guards and one Moldavian bought in Transdniestria 14 thousand liters of alcohol. Alcohol was bottled in 64 plastic barrels and loaded in two lorries. Then they were carried across the “border window” to Ukraine. However, “at the distance of 40 kilometers from the state border, in Kryzhopol village, the illegal traffic was seized by security-conscious policemen”.
According to “preliminary information”, four frontier guards and a Moldavian planned to gain profit from sale of alcohol amounting to 150 thousand UAH.
The message was ended with a statement that “the prosecutor office of Vinnytsia region initiated a criminal case against smugglers”.
Having read this brisk report of the law-enforcement agency, a regular citizen of Ukraine is supposed to feel glad: here it is – fight against corruption in fact, not in word! Therefore, the state through the Cabinet of Ministers does now blow his, regular Ukrainian citizen’s money levied as taxes but allocates them for the country’s defence! And this means that the government loans money of IMF, for example, not in vain, a priori thinking that these loans will be paid off to the creditor again by this regular citizen of Ukraine! As the phrase goes, “if only the native land” would be protected from outer invasions.
But a regular citizen of Ukraine after reading this message of the press-service was ungrateful not to feel glad. He was confused with some suspicious moments. Among the suspicious moments was the fact that the law-enforcement officers did not name the surnames of those four frontier guards and one Moldavian. It is senseless to ask the officials of the prosecutor office about this: as usually they will refer to the secrecy of investigation. Another suspicious moment was the fact that the press-service of the Main Office for Organized Crime did not inform where the guards wanted to sell smuggled alcohol. And it was also suspicious that knowing the system based on which the work of the state border of Ukraine is arranged, a regular citizen would want to know the names of other  crime associates – frontier guards and customs officers – without the immediate participation of whom two lorries with alcohol could not cross the border being unnoticed.
In general, the impression made by the message is very sad. Frontier guards, obliged by their service to defend the border, violate it. Judging by the amount of confiscated alcohol, this channel has been smoothly working for a long time, and activity of the frontier guards reached large commercial scale. But either they did not pay to somebody timely, or their competitors stitched them up – and some participants of this criminal association came in sight of the prosecutor’s office.
The prosecutor’s office in its turn does not hurry to declare the names of participants of this criminal association not due to the secrecy of investigation. This cliché is used by the prosecutors for their goals. Is there any secrecy, for example, for the personnel of the frontier guard detachment? Doesn’t it (the personnel) know whom the police seized?
The point is in another thing. According to the anonymous source from the management of the frontier guard detachment, it is just usual bargaining taking place between the police and organizers of the criminal scheme. The frontier guards want to get the minimal punishment, and the prosecution officers want to get the maximal cash. In other words, a fair commercial deal.
The problem is that both parties use the state for their seeking lucre both while their service and during the well-earned rest in case they are lucky to serve until the retirement.

General-Scale Operation
A couple of days ago, I was interrogated by the officer of the criminal investigation department of the Security Service of Ukraine in Kyiv – Prokopenko Oleksii Ivanovych – concerning my article about Aviant. He, as the officer obliged to protect the state interest and getting salary paid by the state for this, was not really interested that the state may suffer considerable damages incurred to it by the performance of people – businessmen, officials and officers depending on the government. He was interested in two matters.
The first one: Did I know that the opera singer Hryshko Volodymyr Danylovych is the general of Cossack troops and at the same time the President’s advisor?
Here I repent in front of the people that I was not aware of these honourary additional titles of the said public person. As far as I remember, he was an advisor of the ex-president but then he was run out his confidants, as the mass media informed, “for betrayal”. Obviously, Volodymyr Danylovych was singing so loudly in the beegarden of Viktor Andriyovych, that his bees delivered our ex- Protector of the Constitution an ultimatum: either we will bring the honey dew to the neighbouring beegarden, or don’t this advisor dare to set his foot there.
This is not a joke or mockery. Each citizen of Ukraine knows that the major kinds of state-managing activity of Viktor Andriyovych were bee-raising and decorative decorating of plates. If Volodymyr Hryshko were an economist, scientist or military specialist, his role of the president’s advisor would be understandable. But here again suspicion raises up in a regular citizen of Ukraine: what kind of advice exactly does the opera singer give to the president?
The second question of the officer of the criminal investigation department of the Security Service of Ukraine drove me into a corner. “So you write that the company patronized by Volodymyr Hryshko had no permit issued by the Ministry of Emergency Situations for disposal of the fuel and lubricant storage possessed by Aviant company! But they do have this permit!”, - the officer A.I.Prokopenko was waving some sheets while saying this.
Of course, they do. And personally for the officer of the Security Service of Ukraine Prokopenko Oleksii Ivanovych, scrounging off the state but having no desire to give at least minimal help to it with this situation, I will explain it. Or in other words, I will do his work.
As I have already written in the previous article, Yurii Mulik and private company Tellur, where he is the director, once were packed off from the territory of the state enterprise Ukraine Printing and Publishing. Then they appeared at the state enterprise Aviant. And he, Yurii Mulik, a businessman, while working at Aviant, was using officials servicing for the state and being fed by this state for his interests. Here is an example illustrating how he managed to do this.
Well, a fellow sponsor of Yu. Mulik, a policeman A. Mykolaiets introduced Yurii to the management of Aviant enterprise.
Director of Aviant agrees for conclusion of some contract between the private company and state enterprise.
The lease department of the state enterprise signed this contract of lease, which was favourable only for Tellur company.
The former management of the enterprise signed an act with Tellur company on supposed delivery of fuel and lubricants to the enterprise for the sum totalling 82 thousand UAH. Though no one at the enterprise cannot definitely say who received those fuel and lubricants and when, and where it is now.
The chief engineer of the enterprise promised and fully assisted to the businessman Yu.Mulik.
At the fuel and lubricants storage, containers for oil products storage went bad, and Yu. Mulik repaired them. He did that without any project; at the same time he “diluted” diesel fuel and sold it. The lease department kept careful track of his actions. And after calculation of Tellur company turnover, demanded from Yu.Mulik a one-time payment amounting to 290 thousand hryvnias in cash as a guarantee for undisturbed performance of Tellur company within a year. Mulik refused.
At the same time, a gas-welder hired by Yu.Mulik by pulling strings in order to cut outsource costs, nearly destroyed the whole storage. An explosion took place during welding. Mulik was lucky that the blast wave passed away from the welder.
It was quite logical that long-service employees of the enterprise raised a shindy about it. The management did not listen to them, of course. “Yes, there was a “pop”, - they told me at the enterprise, - but there was no one damaged”.
Officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations got to know about this “pop”, but till this moment they seemed not to notice any works carried out at the storage. And for additional charge, they drew up a permit for the private company, the copy of which A.I.Prokopenko, the officer of the Security Service of Ukraine, was waving in front of me. Moreover, after the “pop”, Yu.Mulik monthly paid to local representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations 5 thousand hryvnias as a bribe for his not noticing Mulik’s actions made at the fuel and lubricants storage.
Branch railway line leading from Sviatoshyn station to the enterprise has been long ago out of compliance with the operation requirements. But the head of station, in spite of objections of the worried director heading the Aviant transport workshop, was regularly placing railcars filled with diesel fuel for the private company Tellur to the emergency railway line.
With the officials ensuring his rear cover and being service-obliged to prevent any disorders at the security facility, Yurii Mulik set about to produce and sell his excisable goods – diesel fuel – without any permit for its production or sale. And consequently, he came in sight of the Department for Economic Crimes.
Having got access to the Tellur turnovers, officers of the Department for Economic Crimes were shocked. And via their agent, they offered Mulik their term: they turn a blind eye to his tricks with fuel, and he pays them 100 thousand hryvnias in cash. The bargaining between the parties resulted in 16 thousand hryvnias, transferred by Yu.Mulik to the settlement account of some police fund named Pravozakhyst.
And now the core of the situation: both permit issued by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other documents were given to Tellur company either on its honour, or for money, but all of them – without any project for construction, reconstruction and operation of the abovementioned fuel and lubricants storage.
When Aviant enterprise united with “Antonov” aircraft factory, and the management of the association was headed by D.S.Kiva, rainy days came to Yurii Mulik, as he could no longer work with officers covering his rear. And Mulik decided to have an audience with D.S.Kiva.
But the object, where Mulik decided to go, belonged to security facilities. People are employed here only after a detailed checkout. Yurii with the help of some employee of the Security Service of Ukraine, supervising the aircraft factory, named Slava, went round this obstacle as well.
If Yurii were a raider, he would destroy the management of the factory for a couple of minutes.
By this moment, Mulik was already denied in access to the enterprise. But the head of the lease department Volodymyr Illich Astashkin, despite the prohibition of the general director, made a pass to the security facility for Yu.Mulik. Slava, the employee of the Security Service, prompts Yurii how to get to the third floor, to the office of D.S.Kiva bypassing the security.
And Mulik without let or hindrance got to the security facility! At the office of the general director, V.Maievskyi, one of the top management of the association, took hold of his hand and asked: “How did you get to the security facility? Who gave you a pass?”
Just like an honest and noble person, Mulik answered full of dignity: “Astashkin gave me a pass personally, and Slava told me how to bypass the security”.
Maievskyi personally took Mulik out of the territory of the factory and ordered the security to enter his surname to the black list of non-grata persons.
And at that moment when Yurii Mulik was listed among the non-grata persons, D.S.Kiva met the attacks of the singer, general, advisor of two presidents, fired by one of them, as it was already mentioned above, for “betrayal”, Volodymy Danylovych Hryshko (and his right-hand man, colonel Melnyk Viktor Oleksandrovych). Because the amount involved for this attack amounts to 1.5 million of state-owned hryvnias, which Tellur company attempts to receive from the factory.
The Blitzkrieg and really General-scale operation carried out – to break forth suddenly the ambush and to attack an enemy (the state enterprise in this case) – is worth attention of all military books!

P.S. A couple of days ago, the following message was communicated by UNIAN agency:
“Initiated by the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine provides the trust line 0800-501-48-20 for messages by citizens about possible illegal actions made by the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine.
As the press-centre of the Security Service of Ukraine informed UNIAN, this line is installed in the room of the duty officer of the Internal Security Department of the Security Service of Ukraine. All calls are free of charge and accepted from 8.00 to 20.00 on working days and from 8.00 to 14.00 on Saturday.
Information delivered by citizens to this telephone number will be subject to obligatory check. Based on the results of the check performed, and in compliance with the applicable law, relevant measures will be taken” the message informs.
In view of the foregoing, I request to consider this article to be a message given by a citizen about “possible illegal actions made by the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine”.

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