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Secret business of Vladimir Grishko

A Real Colonel?
On 16 March of this year I received a phone call from a stranger.
“This is Colonel Melnik Viktor Aleksandrovich speaking, an assistant of General Grishko Vladimir Danilovich.”
Honestly, if I hadn’t been driving a car at that moment, I would have stood at attention and frozen with reverence.
“Vladimir Danilovich and I are waiting for you at Bankova St.,” the timbre of Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich was quite different from bass voices of fathers-commanders I was used to. His voice sooner sounded like the voice of a communist Adam Martyniuk. But Colonel tried to behave according to his rank:
“Vladimir Danilovich is at the President’s office now.”
The first thing which occurred to me was the question why there were such weird positions in the modern native Ukrainian army. Why a colonel is an assistant of a general? Why a general is a singer? And why a singer is in the Presidential Administration?
To tell the truth, I wasn’t a bit interested where a certain Vladimir Danilovich was at that moment. Neither did I crave to get to Bankova St. And to the Presidential Administration all the more. That was why I asked Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich what was the cause of such increased interest to my person on the part of General and Colonel’s duet.
“If you can’t come to us, we are ready to come to you,” Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich dodged the question.
“Certainly, come,” I brightened.
“Wait for us at 5:00 p.m.!”  Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich cut the conversation short in a military way.
However, the Adam Martyniuk-like voice didn’t seem to like my response in full, and he called me again at 4:30 p.m.
“So will you be at your workplace at 5:00 p.m.?”
“Yes, sir!” I replied. “But I would like to know what I will have to report during the meeting with the two servicemen vested with such high power and ranks.”
Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich became a bit kinder at such words:
“We are going to talk about a private enterprise “Tellur”. This enterprise belongs to General Vladimir Danilovich Grishko. The enterprise doesn’t function, clients can’t get their diesel fuel they gave to “Tellur” for storage… I will call Yura now so that he comes for the meeting too!”
“What Yura?” I inquired just in case.
“The very Yura Mulik, a director of PE “Tellur,” Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich started to get irritated again.
As should have been expected, neither General Grishko Vladimir Danilovich nor Colonel Melnik Viktor Aleksandrovich, nor Yura Mulik arrived at my office at 5:00 p.m.
Yura only phoned me to say that General and Colonel had postponed the meeting till the next morning, that is 9:00 in a military way, because “they are at the President’s office now.”

At the President’s Office Again!
I had been training parade step forgotten long ago and learning by heart the report form since seven o’clock the next day. But Yura Mulik came for the meeting not with the high-ranking servicemen, but with Ivan Kushniruk, his oil business partner.
“And where are General and Colonel?” I was ready to report to Mulik himself because of embarrassment.
“I’ll phone now.” Yura phoned somewhere and informed me cheerfully they “they are at the President’s office now and are ready to meet with me at around 11 – 12.” “But we can settle this question ourselves.”
I wasn’t sure that Yuriy Mulik could settle the general and colonel’s question.
“Yes, I can,” Yura assured me. “Volodia Grishko is my relative. In the mother’s line. And Vitya really is his assistant.”
I was convinced by the chummy manners of civilian Yura with General Grishko and Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich that the question on PE “Tellur” could really be solved with Yura Mulik.

Recipes from Mulik
I had previously known that the famous opera singer Vladimir Grishko was engaged in collecting rarity cars, that he liked and advertised cognac, and that he had rather unflattering opinion about his workshop colleagues… After the blast received from Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich I had to read in the Internet information on what a holder he was and of what orders. I didn’t, though, find data on what troops he was a general of (presumably, secret ones?). Neither did I find information that he was an owner of PE “Tellur”, an enterprise that wasn’t, to put it mildly, quite on good terms with the law…
Who would have ever thought! Moreover, if we take a look at the statistics base, Aleksandr Bogorad is listed as an owner of PE “Tellur” there instead of Vladimir Grishko for some reason. The Director of the enterprise is Yuriy Mulik.
Bogorad and Mulik seemed to have studied together in printing school. That was the source of deep trust between them both in their private life and in business.
According to Mulik, he settled down at the fuels and lubricants storage of the printing complex “Ukraine” in Kyiv at Geroyev Kosmosa St. fifteen years ago. There were perfect conditions to perform the peculiar business which he chose there; there were tanks, branch railway and… it was a controlled-access facility. The latter circumstance was of paramount importance for Mulik and his partner as it (the circumstance) to a great extent saved them from numerous inspections. As fiscal and law-enforcement bodies had to obtain permit from the enterprise management to organize an inspection of the activity of PE “Tellur.” This took a lot of time, and Mulik and his associates were warned and managed to hide both the fuel and lubrication products and the documents kept at the storehouse away from penetrating eyes of controllers. And there was what to hide.
Because the main source of his income was the so-called “dilution.”
“Dilution” means that Yura Mulik adds stable gas petrol or gasoline to petrol or diesel oil. These additives are much cheaper, and net profit for 1 litre varies within 1–1.5 UAH per litre. Here are only some of the recipes of the kitchen of PE “Tellur” from Yuriy Mulik personally:
Recipe No. 1. 100% of summer diesel oil are supplemented with 20% of gasoline.
Recipe No. 2. 2 parts of stove (!) fuel, 1 part of kerosene and 1part of diesel fuel are mixed.
In both cases we get winter diesel fuel used by the overwhelming majority of Kyivites who refuel with cheap solar oil, and then repair expensive fuel supply systems of their cars in spring.
Officially PE “Tellur” rented tanks and paid for their usage. Unofficially it purchased in bulk light oil, “diluted” and sold Mulik’s mixture by small wholesale to filling stations, and, according to Yura, brought 5 (five) thousand USD to the storehouse director each month as a bribe.
Such expenses, $5 thousand, as well as income, were distributed in corresponding shares in the following way: $3 thousand were paid by Mulik himself, and a certain Larisa, who was laid a mission of personal communication with the head of the storehouse by the “diluting” community, deprived herself of $2 thousand.
Later, either Mulik got tired of Larisa, or she ran out of currency reserve, Yura gives different interpretations to this each time, and the director of PE “Tellur” decided to refuse her services and invited Ivan Kushniruk with his enterprises “Axiom” and “Lemma” to his “theme.”
Kushniruk started investing money, fuels and lubricants and ideas to the common business trying to control both “Tellur” and personally Mulik and Bogorad in return. But Yura had a great experience of struggle with controllers of every stripe and rank. In case of any minor threat he resorted to his child’s godfather, a worker of the body for struggle against economic crimes A. Mykolayets. He often and heartily recalls the final result of an inspection of his enterprise by Kiev Administration for Fight against Organized Crime. At that time he humbly begged the policemen to “close” his own violation with a bribe in response to the abuse and breach of law detected by them. And he did manage to persuade the greedy guards of law and order!
 But before he brought a bribe to them, Mulik wrote an application to the public prosecutor's office. And he took, besides money, a dictaphone hidden in his pocket for the meeting with the Head.
The Mulik’s campaign resulted in discharging the bribe taking policeman, which he is proud of till the present, mentioning to the topic and not quite recollecting how he “nearly put a worker of the Administration for Fight against Organized Crime behind the bars.”
After that scandal inspections stopped for a long period of time, and PE “Tellur” kept diluting successfully during almost ten years for domestic car owners. But in 2008 someone hoodooed the prospering enterprise. Despite monthly bribes to the storehouse director, “Tellur” was denied to have the rent agreement prolonged.
Mulik turned bankrupt. He looked intensively for enemies who were trying to destroy his enterprise. He suspected everyone, even his godfather policeman suggesting that he was revenging himself upon Yura for his having refuelled his car with diesel fuel mixed with water once, and after such a “present” on the part  of his child’s godfather he had to repair the engine. In a word, he pursued various versions… But there wasn’t the only correct one among them which became clear only today: PE “Tellur” was taken away from the storehouse of the printing complex “Ukraine” by ill-wishers and persons envious of the talent of Grishko Vladimir Danilovich!

 Mulik’s Invention
However bad did Mulik think of godfather Mykolayets, it was him who talked with the then Director General of the Sate Enterprise “Kiev Aviation Plant “Aviant” A.D. Donets. As a result of negotiations and secret arrangements PE “Tellur” received the long-awaited agreement on rent of containers for fuel and lubrication materials storage up till 2012!
The agreement was programmed clearly not to the state enterprise’s advantage. One could complain of the lack of professionalism of the rent department of “Aviant”, but the facts signify another, criminal intent.
Because under the rent agreement, “Tellur” still pays to the state enterprise for containers of about 2000 cubic meters, for a separate building adjacent to the fuels and lubricants storehouse and for its office at the 7-th floor, just above the medical unit … slightly more than 3 thousand UAH per month!
Of course, the private enterprise, in its turn, undertook high capitalist obligations to renew 5 containers (and to pass two of them to “Aviant” for keeping kerosene for aircrafts), repair the branch line of almost 1 kilometre which was in an emergency state…
But let’s turn back to Mulik. It was easier for him to dilute at “Aviant” because this enterprise was better guarded than the storehouse of “Ukraine”. He immediately acquired a good deal of voluntary, but not disinterested helpers from among the number of workers of the plant, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
To begin with, he enslaved the plant at once having allegedly passed on papers fuel and lubrication materials to the state enterprise for an amount of about 90 thousand UAH. Only Yura Mulik knows who really participated in sharing this money. And since PE “Tellur” belongs to Vladimir Grishko, the actual singing owner knows about it too.
Then Mulik somehow transported with the help of Ivan Kushniruk several tanks to the plant which he immediately began to let out for storing diesel fuel. Taking into consideration that the fixed price for keeping fuels and lubricants throughout Kiev is 50 UAH per 1 litre, he started making profit from the turnover for storing. And neither did he forget his specialization, the dilution. Here Yura Mulik invented another recipe not patented yet in Ukraine. There was residue of some oil in storehouse tanks, around 40 tons. Having accepted diesel fuel for storage, Mulik poured it into those oil containers. It wasn’t that he was lazy to clean the tanks. But in such a way PE “Tellur” obtained 40 tons of unrecorded solar oil which he immediately sold via Ivan Kushniruk.
Diesel fuel (if it could be called that) turned out to be the colour of strong black coffee.
From the conversation of I. Kushniruk with Yu. Mulik:
Ivan: “Yura, I can’t sell this solar oil. Two patrol tankers were turned back.”
Yura: “Not a big deal, you’ll manage! But then the next batch in these tanks will be clean!”

Poor Rich “Tellur”
Mulik’s money and money attracted by Kushniruk weren’t enough. And besides diluting Mulik started stealing diesel fuel received for storage and sell it.
Once he noticed that a representative of a keeper, private enterprise “Kardo-Trade”, Volodia, went on a regular two-week drinking bout. Yura immediately sold over 7 thousand litres of somebody else’s fuel, having forged the documents and a signature of a petrol tanker driver.
Though Volodia wasn’t sober, but not to the extent so as not to remember what he was doing. And he started asking Yura questions.
Mulik began to hide. He didn’t answer the calls from unknown numbers, pushed the problem to the legal owner of “Tellur” Aleksandr Bogorad. Finally, he came to Svyatoshyn District Administration and wrote an application claiming that Volodia had been illegally demanding diesel fuel. Yura’s godfather-policeman intervened, and “Kardo-Trade” lost its will to demand what was stolen from them.
But Yura stole not only from strangers, but from friends.
From the conversation of A. Bogorad with Yu. Mulik:
Aleksandr: “Yura, the guards reported that you were at the plant on Saturday and took a tanker of diesel fuel!”
Yura: “I don’t know, don’t know … I’ll go and take a look…”

It would seem that “Tellur” lacked money for construction, even Director Mulik could barely scratch up for rental, but partners Bogorad (and as we already know, Grishko!) for some reason didn’t suppress Yura’s stealing. The clue to such indifference was found by workers of the Administration for Struggle against Economic Crimes of Kiev Chief Administration!
It turned out that “Kardo-Trade” owned a considerable amount to a certain bank. The bank involved police. The traces led to “Tellur.”
Yura urgently made up and signed post factum an agreement for storage between “Tellur” and “Kardo-Trade.” But what a bad luck, Mulik got unwell. He fell ill exactly when the police came with inspection.
There was Aleksandr Bogorad alone in the office then, and he delivered all the information, “white”, “grey” and “black” cash of the enterprise to the police. He did that out of fright.
The police was preparing to institute criminal proceedings: only for the past year the turnover of PE “Tellur” amounted to 26 million UAH, and the enterprise paid only about one thousand UAH per month of tax to the state. Approximately the same as for the rent to the state enterprise “Aviant.”
Yura started fussing, involved familiar policemen (I wonder whether he reported of his own blunder to singer V. Grishko) so as the proceeding wasn’t instituted. Eventually, after long discussions Mulik transferred 16 thousand UAH from “Tellur” account to the account of the police fund “Pravozakhyst (Protection of Law)” as a charitable contribution, and the proceeding wasn’t instituted. Revelations of A. Bogorad are still in the safe of police operative of Kiev body for struggle against economic crimes Igor.
The money for the police was spent, and under such circumstances Mulik decided to sell keeper’s diesel fuel.
From the conversation of I. Kushniruk with Yu. Mulik:
Ivan: “Yura, did you sell others’ diesel fuel again?”
Yura: “Yes. I did. We had to pay the builders for work.”
Ivan: “Yura, I checked. You paid 30 thousand UAH to builders, and sold materials for 80 thousand. Where are another 50 thousand?”
Yura: “But we have Andrey…”
Ivan: “Yura, where are another 50 thousand UAH?”
Yura: “We’ll figure it out…”
Ivan: “Do you at least understand what a scandal it will be if all keepers suddenly decide to take their diesel fuel, with that great shortage at you storehouse?”
Yura: “Well, we will work off…”

Mulik vs. the State
In what way was the director of PE “Tellur” going to “work off”? On Friday, 19 March, Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich personally arrived at the plant. There was Yura waiting for him at the control post. It is unknown what they were talking about. After the negotiations Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich called me and said:
“I am at the control post of the plant. Drive up here!”
“What for?” I was surprised.
“But you wanted to meet me!”
I wanted to tell him that everything was quite the other way round. But Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich began to tell me that he had very little time and that he was going to the plant management then, and that he wasn’t working “at the construction” (?) at all. This is where our nice telephone talk ended.
But after this visit, in a strange contingency, PE “Tellur” issued to “Aviant” a claim for an amount of … 1.5 million UAH for its work and spent consumables during the construction of a storehouse for fuels and lubricants.
Some time ago Mulik told me that he was ready to pay a half of the amount claimed for help in obtaining the money. Consequently, this half of state money had already been reserved by Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich at least, had it?
The second half of the state money, according to Yura, will be shared as follows: 600 thousand UAH will go to Ivan Kushniruk, and the remaining money will serve Mulik to cover the debt before the keepers for stolen diesel fuel.
And the branch line never was repaired. And the quality of 5 renewed plant containers left much to be desired, though.
From the conversation of Yura Mulik with me:
Me: “Yura, what did Colonel Viktor Aleksandrovich want from me on Friday during his visit to the aviation plant?”
Yura: “Yes, Vitya was here. But he is preparing an alternative base for me, the rear, that is to say. Work should be done!”

So, “Tellur” is really owned by Vladimir Grishko. So, Kiev car owners will indulge in diesel fuel prepared according to recipes of Yura Mulik. And of Vladimir Grishko?

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