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Irena Lisak Responses to the Council of Europe

In September of the next 2008 year, Ukraine is supposed to account for implementation of anti-corruption recommendations to the Council of Europe's Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), which were given to Ukraine in the GRECO’s evaluation report in terms of level of corruption in our state. It is worth stressing that on the 1st of January 2006 Ukraine joined this European Organization, having ratified the Civil Law Convention on Corruption; and the joint project of the Council of Europe and European Commission  “Support of Good Governance: the Project against Corruption in Ukraine” was launched in the mid-June 2006.
Within the framework of co-operation in this project (and certainly for monitoring of its implementation), on November 29, 2007 a sitting of the project management group took place at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The group was joined by the representatives of: the European Commission in Ukraine, Regional Mission of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, the Secretariat of the Council of Europe, and governmental authorities of Ukraine. Results of the sitting made it obvious that by the time of providing the report, i.e. September of the next year, Ukraine will have to have the measures taken, which are targeted at formation of the national anti-corruption agency. This will be the completion of one of 25 recommendations given by GRECO to our state.

“Russian Trace” of Irena
As soon as Ukraine has ratified the said Civil Law Convention, a family of former Lviv citizens and now citizens of Israel arrived into our country – Lisak (or Lysak according to other variant) Irena Oleksandrivna and Valentyn Borysovych. They leased an apartment in Kyiv, in Tarasivska Str. 8 and set about to promote a new kind of business in our country. In order to understand its essence and methods of its implementation into Ukrainian reality, we will have to refer to publication:
“When the national banks choose their partners, they often do not know with whom they deal. According to the Russian journalists, moneymakers of not a very savoury reputation come to Ukraine. Thus, according to Vladimir Krainev, somebody comes to us to arrange another gamble and to deprive Ukrainians of their money, and the country from taxes paid.
“When Irena Lisak was drummed out of ECI Russia, and when Israel initiated a criminal case accusing this lady of corruption valuing three million dollars and ten years of imprisonment, the heroine of our article made a conclusion that these all are just trivial matters, - the journalist writes referring to the Globes publication. – What was important for her is to find another “victim” and to keep on reaping her rewards, releasing the country from its work of calculating the tax levies.
Quite recently, an ExpressPay company was pompously opened in Ukraine with rich reception standing; and this company promised the Ukrainians to alleviate the burden of queuing at Oshchadbank cash-desks during the periods of making payments for services used. Moreover, with some tricky actions it got a VIP partner represented by the management of one of the strongest financial establishments of the neighbouring country, and, obviously, she has decided that the field for another multimillion-valuing fraud is “good manured”. (It is curious why this financial establishment did not understand who Lisak is and how she can “stitch-up” her partner).
Since in Israel and here in Russia it is rather hard to cheat people with payment terminal stations owing to experience available and appropriate law, then Ukraine in terms of this matter is just a fertile territory and Ukrainians – “tabula rasa”. That is why Mrs. Lisak decided “to shake the money tree”, having forgotten that beside her name she, first of all, pulls the rug out from under several Russian businessmen, who were “lucky” to deal with Irena or have the misfortune to deal with her now. However, the Ukrainian government for some reason did not pay attention that her credit reputation bears a strong criminal scent, and that her aim in Ukraine lies in leaving Ukrainians without their money and the country without tax payments levied. Though one call to ECI would be quite enough to make everything clear. But it can’t be helped, and if Ukrainians have decided to deal with the person prosecuted under law in several countries, this means that they know what they do. Surely, terminal stations for paying, for example, the housing and public utility services or topping up the cell account are very useful. And Ukraine understands this, as five Ukrainian and two Russian companies are today’s players in the market of terminal stations. (And it is unreasonable to reproach those Slavkom, Аutopay or Pegas). But we must also not forget that not everyone prefers to earn money honestly and to lead large-scale business. In case of ExpressPay director, here looms the business partner, who is not the most favourable, mildly speaking, for Ukraine and its citizens. Firstly, the said criminal charge against Mrs. Lisak investigated by Israel authorities. Secondly, such company as ECI, which shares are quoted on the international stock exchange, does not fire its employees for no reason. Moreover, she was told that she had breached the company’s Ethics Code. (Once Irena Lisak, occupying the senior position in ECI, at the same time had a “side job” of the director assistant in a company-agent dealing with ECI). Thirdly, Ukraine has already implemented mandatory financial and fiscal certification of such terminal stations, and goods produced by Mrs. Lisak’ company is “a pig in a poke”. Fourthly, it is also suspicious that companies-competitors of ExpressPay often get a refuse for area required for terminal stations, though conditions and fees are often the same. According to message from Kyiv, some specialists consider this to be a banal bribery of shops’ directors and some responsible persons of Kyiv underground, for example. The system of unfair competition, successfully tested by the “lady under investigation” in Russia, now has all chances to flourish in Ukraine.
But it is not all though. The point is in quite another thing. Knowing the style of Mrs. Lisak’s work, it is rather possible to assume that today she is mostly interested in cash, in other words those hryvnias slotted to the terminal stations. Everybody knows what for cash may serve. Mostly, for transactions of illegal conversion. And, certainly, earning money on taxes. Or rather their non-payment. We need hardy saying that cash is counted by the one who takes it away. It is hardly possible that Mrs. Irena would decide to part with even ten kopecks in order to share them with the neighbouring state. At a conservative estimate, such performance led by Mrs. Lisak will incur losses to Ukraine totalling nearly 10-12 million UAH per month. And the moment of truth may come rather soon for numerous Ukrainians, who trust their money to this system: their money will disappear, resulting in debts for housing and public utility services. And only Mrs. Lisak knows where she will be at this moment, and some of former “orange” Ukrainian ministers, who gave her green light. Yet one question remained open: what state interests they were guided with while putting a cat among the pigeons. And, certainly, we will feel sorry for Oshchadbank and our Russian businessmen-investors, who again will face the attack”, - ends his article Vladimir Krainev. If all these things have a real ground, then it is quite reasonable for our respective authorities to investigate this, because Israel and Moscow law-enforcement specialists are worth trust in this case”.

Only for Stelmakh …
This article was published at the end of February 2007. Similar articles were published on sites of other Internet-publications.
But let’s return to the previous matter. Drawing a lesson from the past work in Russia, Irena Lisak incorporates ExpressPay company in Ukraine (EP). Understanding that it will be impossible to do something without the help of high-powered officials, she often makes them shareholders of her company: some of them – personally and some – via counterfeits. Here we provide a list of the company’s shareholders as of May 15, 2007:
1. Gresven Communication Limited, registered at the address: fl. 47, Akhmet-Khan Sultan Str. 9, Zhukovsky town, Moscow oblast, the Russian Federation.
2. Bellair Capital Limited, registered at the address: Road Town, POB 33121 Tortola, Virginia Islands (Great Britain).
3. Esterola Business Corp., registered in Panama.
4. Sit System Ltd, registered in Kyiv, Ukraine.
5. Dubrov Oleksandr Mykolaiovych, citizen of Kyiv.
6. Kovrizhnykh Dmitry Nikolaevich, citizen of Moscow.
7. Pashkevych Leonid Polikarpovych, citizen of Kyiv.
Almost 30% of the company belongs to Panama company-shareholder, and 70% - to Kovrizhnykh. “I would not have been able to do anything in EP, if I had not given six percent to Stelmakh”, I.Lisak admitted while an open talk. This phrase explained many things: 6% of the company is nearly $ 180 thousand for November 2007, and V. Stelmakh is the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine.
Dubrov Oleksandr Mykolaiovych, the member of Supervisory Board of the National Bank, also possesses six percent.
At the same time, Mrs. Lisak incorporates a financial company (FC) ExpressPay. Thus, some kind of holding was formed. Moreover, Irena herself holds the position of the chairman of the management board; directors of the company and FC were hired.

About the Extra Earnings of State Officials
At the beginning of each month, the director of the financial company ExpressPay Pelypenko Mariia Leonivna visits Horchitsa restaurant located in Shovkovychna street in Kyiv. This visit is preceded by a phone call to the National Bank, and at the predetermined time Kravets Viktor Mykhailovych, the state official working for this supreme financial establishment of Ukraine, comes to this restaurant. Just like in a detective soap opera, Mariia Leonivna gives a folder with documents to Viktor Mykhailovych. These documents have no value. But there are two thousand USD stuck between the sheets: this is an extra monthly salary of the National Bank’s employee V.M.Kravets. For the so-called consultations. “Consultations” lie in his implementation of the EP company’s proposals. Certainly, these proposals are favourable for the company. Moreover, Viktor Mykhailovych will be rewarded with $ 100 thousand if he manages to delay issuing permission documents for the competitive companies. And he is successful with this so far.
“Dubrov has honestly worked out his 6 percent”, - Irena Lisak speaks with proud of her partner. Honestly. But at the EP company’s expense. Because Irena commissioned Oleksandr Mykolaiovych to obtain a licence from the State Committee for Financial Services. Owing to his good connections, Dubrov managed to obtain this licence. But what was the price for that! Before the elections, on the 30th of September he brought a letter to EP company, according to which Narodna Samooborona party headed by Lutsenko, its Sumy regional headquarters in particular, asks to transfer to its account 50 thousand UAH. Mariia Pelypenko transfers this money via Kyiv regional department of Index bank. This transaction is not a problem for her: before employment at the financial company she worked as an assistant of bank executive. Narodna Samooborona receives money, but the State Committee does not issue the licence. Some official of this Committee named Otchenash wants to earn money as well. And Mariia Leonivna gives her money too. As soon as this happens, EP receives that long-expected document.

Beat Yours to Make Aliens Afraid …
On Thursday, the 6th of December 2007, management of ExpressPay company officially declared that it removes room surveillance cameras and wiretaps from the rooms of the employees. However, the employees were not really delighted by this news: knowing about the surveillance, many of them leave their rooms or go outdoors to make a phone call. Fear of wire-pulling by competitors made Irena Lisak take care of personal safety. Beside four watching cameras, she installs four room surveillance cameras. She also buys the so-called “bugs” (microphones) and fixes them under the desks of her employees. She dismissed a chief security officer who opposed her actions. “I must know what my employees think and talk about”, - Irena Lisak stood her ground. Her employees Illia Vadiasov and Illia Polishschuk quitted their jobs and start working for a competitor. Irena was in rage and demands model punishment for “betrayers”. Model punishment means to collect their dirty laundry and to smash them down.
Head of IT-department Oleksandr Kislov also quitted. And she again considers this fact to be the wire-pulling by competitors, and this time her husband Valentyn Lisak supports her opinion and they demand to knock Kislov off. As the chief security officer refused to follow their criminal orders, the only hope of this family focused on their driver, being also their spy, coatroom attendant and so on and so forth, the former policemen Viktor Nakaznoi. Being the close confidant of the family, he excellently coped with special missions. And now the question is why Irena Lisak cannot become a public person. Exactly because of the above cited article. This is why she – the chairman of the management board in two companies and their factual director – suffers from insufficient publicity. She sees panacea in finding people ready to crack servers keeping bad articles about her performance.
Servers were cracked and articles were deleted. Here is a part of the hackers’ report cited (the style is preserved): “Articles were deleted from:;;; Still left on: No point in deleting them: – this site is browsed for money. If you search for this article, it is found only from the fifth attempt together with articles with the opposite opinion. We have only 5 seconds to read the article after its opening, and then the access to this page is blocked and an opportunity to read the information (text) is no longer available. In order to read the information, you should pay a certain sum of money in USD or EUR to the site’s account”.
The report is followed with some calculations: 7350 UAH – prepayment and $ 1300 paid on 30.10.07. And now Mrs. Lisak and her husband, being “one of the best insurers in the world” according to her words, may make a public appearance.

Irena’s Washing Her Dirty Linen in Public
And EP does launder money, big money. This spring, Tax Inspection in Pechersk District in Kyiv fined the company for 840 thousand UAH. With the help of her acquaintances-lawyers, Irena Lisak   filed a claim against the tax inspection. It cost her $ 5000 to win in the court of first appearance.
The tax inspection lodged an appeal. Irena paid again for the future judgment another $ 5000.
You must admit that total sum of $ 10 000 for two judgments is less than 840 thousand UAH! Cash-out, conversion and transfer of money to accounts, given by Mrs. Irena Lisak herself, are the responsibility of her confidante – chief accountant Smychok Olena Volodymyrivna. By the way, she is the confidante of one of companies-shareholders. And these all do not interfere her concurrent working as an accountant for “3rd Millennium” company. O. Smychok was the initiator of placing a kiosk at the technical department of the company, which was typing “correct” checks for daily cash credited by the accountants every day. And certainly the information in checks significantly differed from the real sums taken away by cash-in-transit guards.
What for, except the personal needs, does Irena Lisak need cash? Here are some of interesting documents.
“Hereby I ask to give 150 hryvnias to pay the October’07 rent of kiosk, located at our floor. The pernor – Arenda Centre company. (Signature: and – received on 11.10.07).
“Kuchynskyi S.А. received 7 thousand UAH to pay the rent at CLO fuel site: 22.10.2007”
“Kuchynskyi S.А. received 6060 UAH to pay the rent at Epicenter 22.10.2007”
“I, Kabanchyk V.I., received from accountants of ExpressPay company 6218 (six thousand two hundred eighteen) UAH 00 kop. (salary for September 2007) 23.10.07.).
Kabanchyk V.I. is the head of Lviv department of the company, citizen of Israel and friend of Irena Lisak, who cannot officially find a job and this is why he receives cash.
Moreover, Irena Lisak monthly pays $ 400 to some Sergii Kovalov, analyst, preparing for her weekly reports both about the competitors and the company itself.
And what about paying to loyal Viktor Nakaznoi? Surely! And it’s not the end of the list of Irena’s monthly expenses.

Entrance Ticket for Competitors
And now about the main thing: what for does Mrs. Irena Lisak need all these twists and turns? Everything that Vladimir Krainev wrote about is confirmed with her performance in Ukraine! What for does she need Stelmakh and Kravets? What for does she need Yu. Yekhanurov?
Irena was looking forward to getting a permit of the National Bank and licence of the State Committee. Now, when she received both documents, she is ready to start a fight with the competitors, first of all with IBOX company. Her evil plan lies in the following. According to her words, some defence and law enforcement agencies wait for her instructions in order to “knock off” two weak competitors. After that, she will offer such large companies as IBOX and OSMP to “knuckle down” the licence and the permit obtained by ExpressPay, and this means a daily percentage yielded from transactions made with both own and ExpressPay kiosks, percentage from software applied, use of the equipment etc. But for Irena Lisak the crucial thing is the so-called “entrance ticket” provided by the companies: they must pay cash money totalling dozens of thousand USD. The total sum which Irena Lisak is supposed to get in the result of fight against the competitors, she conservatively estimates to $ 10 million. Without consideration of her share in stocks. So, the market of service paid via terminal stations in Ukraine is likely to experience shock organized by the citizen of Israel Irena Lisak. But how does Yu. Yekhanurov come into the picture? “One of the world best insurers” Valentyn Borysovych Lisak, called “Pinguin” within ExpressPay company, has already involved the ex-Prime Minister into his project named “insurance”.
The core of the project is simple. “Pinguin” lays claim for monopoly in insurance of people entering Ukraine via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine; and Yu. Yekhanurov has already signed a letter addressed to A. Yatseniuk with a request to facilitate V. Lisak. Irena says that his signature was not free of charge…

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