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Have management panic

You ask if there are any results of the journalistic investigations.

Yes, they do exist. Even when published tritely on FB.

The Deposit Guarantee Fund, on which the bunch of yobs Kaufmann-Zinkov-Rozhkova-Doroshenko wanted to hang the billionth debt duties of the bank “Mykhailivskiy” to its depositors, didn’t let the bank loan portfolio resale in the amount of about 1 billion UAH for the benefit of Platinum Bank.

The borrowers, who have been already informed of the necessity to pay the loans back to the accounts of the financial company “Fagor” in “Platinum Bank” , have been reinstructed by the DGF (the administrator Iraklienko) to pay to the accounts of the company in “Mykhailivskiy Bank”.…/4429-do-uvahy-pozychalnykiv-pat-bank…

The company “Fagor” itself was registered 29.12.2015, and got the financial activity license in February 2016 – it happened in the very same moment, when Kaufmann and Zinkov through Rozhkova began to predispose Doroshenko to “blow the bank down”.

The website was registered 2016-05-21 and some workers of the bank “Mykhailivskiy” work in the call-centre of the company.

The former workers of the bank said that after my publications the management of the bank “Mykhailivskiy” got the jitters – they didn’t finish the right loan portfolio sale from the bank to “Fagor” in time (the latter must have awarded it to “Platinum Bank”).

The company doesn’t have even the factoring agreement. I do not even talk about the necessity to inform the NBU about the deal.

Well, the Fund had every reason to “turn the deal back”.

Of course we have to understand that it is not just the right decision of the Deposit Guarantee Fund, but the element of the war between Vorushylin and Gontareva. But this situation did make the “schemers” sad either.

One more interesting piece of news – Sergey Tigipko, after the fuss about the illegal takeover of the bank “Mykhailivskiy”, refused to be a co-investor in the united bank.

By the way, the back-door games as to “Mykhailivskiy Bank” can be perfectly learned with the help of the publications of the correspondence which supposedly belongs to Kaufmann and Zinkov.

The conversations are very similar to the real ones due to their dates and factual information (but their veracity is certainly to be checked)…/105214-kak_kaufman_i_zinkov_prigovo……/105451-kak_ugrobili_bank_mihalovski…





Alexander Dubinsky


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