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Yuri A. Kosyuk

A closed meeting of the agricultural barons

If you remember, in March the Cabinet of Ministers led by Mr Yatseniuk approved the governmental activity program for 2016. The program is still in effect.

There are obligations to start free sales of farming areas from January 2017 within its scope.

The events must take place in 2 steps.

Step 1.

To authorize sales of state farming areas from 2017.

Step 2.

To authorize sales of private farming areas from 2019.

By all accounts, this situation is coming into discord with agrarian barons. The thing is that agricultural holdings have the opportunity to rent lend shares from villagers for peanuts under the existing moratorium as they can use their monopolistic position.

In their turn, the villagers got no a fickle possibility to sell or pledge the areas they have.

Well they will hardly be able to do that.

There is a closed meeting of all the largest Ukrainian agraricultural enterprises with more than 200 representatives planned to take place today and tomorrow in Kiev.

The organizer of such a ‘congregation’ is PJSC MIRONIVSKY HLIBOPRODUCT. (Its owner is Yuriu Kosiuk, Former Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Administration, Mr Poroshenkos business partner).

The agrarians are resolving the issues searching for the oppositional mechanisms towards the moratorium land sales bill cancellation at the meeting.

In other words, they are gathering money to make the Cabinet of Ministers led by Groisman save the moratorium.




Alexander Dubinsky


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