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Mr. Avakov

Buzina “killers”. TV channels instead of justice

Naming suspects as “killers” in media, which took place in Buzina case can provoke a very dangerous practice of substitution legal mechanisms (investigation & court) with so-called media justice when the image of criminals is formed by statements of higher officials BEFORE the court decision.



Mr. Buzina was a pro-Russian writer\journalist who was killed on 16th of April 2015 near his house in Kyiv.


Yesterday, on 18th of June 2015, the minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Mr. Avakov told in his blog that “killers” of Mr.Buzina have been captured. Later, this information was repeated by Mr. Avakov on press briefing with the same term “killers” with referral to exact names of the suspects.


This information, including mentioned opinion of Mr. Avakov regarding Andriy Medvedko, fromer member of Kyiv-2 battalion of Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine and Denys Polischuk, member of 54th brigade of Ukrainian Military Force, was widely spread through Ukrainian media.


Such practice is clearly illegal and is very dangerous for weak Ukrainian system of justice. Clearly, the translation of such statement by one of the most influential political and government figures will jeopardize the independence of investigation as well as court’s decision.


I hope that international community will raise this issue with Ukrainian government, because in fact such events put under question the prospective of democratic reforms in the country.





Igor Lutstnko

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