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In the best Central Bank in the world

Sometimes the NBU officials seem to be a bit wrong in the garret.

On one side the NBU Head maintains that they are praised so much that they are just about thought to be the best central bank of the world.

On the other side, her stand-by – the NBU banking supervision curator Ekaterina Rozhkova affirms that she has got to know the scheme of the fictional stock padding through Austrian Meinl Bank not until the summer of 2014.

And it happens nowhere else but in the best central bank of the world…

Here is her speech.

Here is some information about Meinl scheme.

And here are the things I know: within the employment period of Mrs. Rozhkova in Platinum Bank, her bosses Kaufmann, Granovskiy and Gregory Gurtovoy have made deals with Meinl Bank since 2011.

They have dealt in the matter of both the stock padding schemes and also the financing plans/the siphoning the stock off from Israeli business of this group of friends.

Moreover the transactions with Meinl Bank are being performed now as well. In particular I am informed that quite recently – at the beginning of 2016 – the representatives of Kaufmann, Gurtovoy and Shneerson have got the meeting with the representatives of Austrian scheme bank, precisely with Anna Ivannikova the real estate chief of Meinl European Real Estate Ltd.

By a strange coincidence the meeting has been held in Prague – in the city, to which Mr. Gurtovoy has consequently siphoned off 3 million USD from “Willi-Food”, for this case he has been apprehended by Israeli police.

And during the meeting they have discussed the issues regarding Willi-Food – namely the Meinl bonds purchase for the value of 4 million USD, which thereafter have had to be put in pledge instead of the stock of Lidertano, which is the incorporator of the TH Megapolis and the security for the deposit of MTS in Platinum Bank.

May be it is better for Mrs. Rozhkova to query Mr. Gurtovoy about the details of this operation, not to look absolutely silly?

And together with that she better cleans up what else operations the formal and informal owners of “Platinum Bank” and FinBank have performed through Meinl bank and for what (and more significantly – to whom?) Julius Meinl has been brought for a meeting to Kyiv?

As you know, sooner or later the details will appear. And you will feel a bit awkwardly.

P.S. Hey there, in the NBU, do not forget to agree Zinkov to the position of the Head of the supervisory board in “Platinum” – he also knows a lot about Meinl, ever since the work in Nadra.





Alexander Dubinsky


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