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The award finds it hero. Or he does?

On 30 March 2006 Ukraine witnessed an event poorly covered by most mass media: President Viktor Yushchenko decorated Koitoro Matsuura, the UN Director General for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) with an order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of the 2nd rank. According to the President’s decree, the General Secretary of UNESCO was decorated “for an outstanding personal contribution to preservation of the world cultural heritage, development of cooperation between Ukraine and UNESCO in the intellectual sphere.”  However, despite the fact that the first part of estimation of Koitoro Matsuura’s world activity by our President individually can be disputed (is it thought that his “world” activity should be estimated by the very “world” organization itself, the UN), the secretariat of the Head of State can get the highest mark for the second part of the speech! Indeed, the international organization official who came to our country on a business visit, with its agenda involving, in particular, the matter of verification of Ukraine’s proper use of funds allocated by the UN for UNESCO programs, receives an order from the President’s hands!
And what an order! An order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise! It’s somehow not so comfortable to rummage in financial papers after such an award. Not so wise at least! And the Director General makes “tit-for-tat” to Ukraine. Satisfied with the rates of development of “cooperation between Ukraine and UNESCO in intellectual sphere”, he leaves the country, obviously having become worldly-wise after receiving the order, all right for our corrupt officials, “the cockroach breed” as Vitaliy Korotich calls them. “The breed” escaped with slight panic one more time.
Although, I know for sure that there are at least 749 citizens of Ukraine who are against such a decoration. And here is the reason.

A crack since 1911
This story is typical for the first post-Soviet time when conflicts broke out between the state and the church once in a while as to the right to use those special premises intended initially, before the advent of Antichrist’s servants, for administration of religious riots – churches. That was what happened at the worldwide known Kiev-Pecherskaya Laura.
On 22 March 1995 the Kiev-Pecherskiy State Reserve and the Transfiguration religious community (the community of the Saviour at Berestovo) of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) made an agreement on Divine Service in the Church of the Saviour at Berestovo. The purpose of the document was that “the Reserve shall give, and the community shall accept the Church of the Saviour at Berestovo, a monument of architecture (under guard, No. 2), for usage for Divine Services during the Twelve Great Feasts, high holy days, dedication days and the Lord's days.” The parties made the agreement and stuck to the letter of the document for whole 6 years. Until it occurred to one of the contracting parties to restore the Church. And naturally this party turned out to be the Reserve. The abovementioned 749 citizens write that its specialists noticed a certain crack “of small dimensions” which “appeared as far back as 1911, hasn’t change visually until the present and bears practically no threat.”
These 749 people constitute the very community created during 6 years by the father superior Tikhon of the Church. Their non-professional conclusion in relation to their own security during the Divine Service was confirmed by specialists. This is what the director of the State Scientific and Technological Centre for Conservation and Restoration of Monuments (SSTC) “Konrest” Yu. Strilenko replied to the community: “Further to the oral request of the community of Svyato-Preobrazhenskaya parish of the Saviour at Berestovo of UOC we notify that … SSTC “Konrest” will not carry out restoration works during the Lord's days (starting from Saturday from 4 p.m.), the Twelve Great Feasts and dedication days, and on its part, doesn’t object against Divine Service in the church during these days provided that the community takes care of the security of parishioners during that time in the Church under restoration.” In other words, it is allowed to serve the Lord in the Church! However, the Director General of the Reserve, S. Krolevets, had another opinion, different from that of 750 people, which he expressed in a categorical form in his letter No. 766/1 of 16.11.2001:
“The directorate of the National Kiev-Pecherskiy Historico-Cultural Reserve for the second time (hereinafter the italics are of the original!) informs you of the beginning of complex repairs and restoration works at the monument of architecture of XII-XVII cent., the Church of the Saviour at Berestovo, that are performed under the Getty Grant. The interior and exterior works are being carried out in the church and the adjoining territory. Since further execution of Divine Service in the Church of the Saviour at Berestovo is impossible at the moment, we insistently ask you to vacate all church premises from any property belonging to the religious community till 25.11.2001.”
After reading this letter it becomes clear that “the cockroach breed” will stop at nothing. Because they’ve got the Grant, and they need to eat it away! And they chose this Church as a pretext for writing off the funds allocated under the Grant!

It’s all about the Getty Grant
But the Church parishioners don’t know that. They can’t understand why they are prohibited to pray in church. The Metropolitan of Kiev and the Whole Ukraine the Most Blessed Vladimir addresses with a request to pass the Church of the Saviour at Berestovo to the community to the following officials of the state and the capital: President L. Kuchma, Prime Minister A. Kinakh, Vice Prime Minister V. Semynozhenko, Head of the State Committee for Religion V. Bondarenko, Kiev Mayor A. Omelchenko…
All in vain. The Grant looms in front of the officials’ eyes. And they don’t conceal it, apparently because of their naivety.
“Steven J. Kelly, an architect, an engineer and the Director of IKOMOS/USA, is the coordinator of the project of repairs and restoration works and an expert,” said the Head of the Administration of Protection of Monuments of History, Culture and Historic Heritage R. Kukharenko.
 “For the time being the said monument is in emergency condition, and in this connection the Advisory Committee of Getty Program (USA) granted the Reserve directorate an architectural conservation Getty Grant for the project of preparation to the conservation of this monument. On its part, Kiev City State Administration allocated 413.0 UAH by its decree of 18.06.2001 No. 1247 to create this project,” V. Kiryan, Deputy of A. Omelchenko-senior said.
 “These works are being financed at the cost of the city budget and the grant of the Getty Conservation Institute (USA). The administration for protection of monuments of history, culture and historic heritage was determined the customer for the development of a preparation project for conservation of the Church of the Saviour at Berestovo,” the Head of the chief administration of Culture and arts of Kiev City State Administration A. Bystrushkin said.
And, finally, the First Deputy Minister of Culture and Arts of Ukraine L. Novokhatko: “In the framework of the American grant of Grety (as in the original!) in 2001 there was money allocated to perform a complex of research works at the object. The church conservation preparation project provides for 5 stages, 4 of which have already been accomplished by this time.”
The decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 02.06.2003 No. 829 “On government order for goods, works or services for state needs for 2003” to carry out repairs and restoration works at the Church of the Saviour at Berestovo provides for financing at the amount of 300 ths. UAH.
In 2003 research works and repairs and restoration works at the said monument were financed at the amount of 291,43 ths. UAH, including 48,9 ths. UAH for archaeological research.
According to the agreement of 01.12.2003 signed between the Archaeology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Kiev-Pecherskiy Historico-Cultural Reserve for the amount of 48,960 ths. UAH, there were archaeological researches of inner church premises carried out in the church from 1 through 31 December 2003. The term of the whole cycle of research may be adjusted depending on actual performance of earth works at the object which is provided by the agreement.
For the time being (the letter was written on 15.03.2004, No. 22-1767/13 – G.U.) the works on roof restoration, treatment of wooden ceiling construction with flame-retardant and bio-protective substances, drain arrangement are in the process. Financing for the amount of 430 ths. UAH is planned for further works in 2004.
Organization of events related to the presence of people in the building where the repairs and restoration works and research works are being done is impossible…
The use of allocated funds and performance of repairs and restoration works are under constant control of the Ministry of Culture.”
Another president, Yu. Andreiev, who is in charge of the public organization “Ukrainian Chernobyl Union”, totally disagrees with the officials and their runarounds. In June 2003 he addressed the Vice Premier D. Tabachnik:
“In autumn 2001 the Church was closed for alleged reconstruction. The believers had to hold Devine Services outside by the Church in winter frosts, summer heat and autumn rains.
“I repeatedly applied to various authorities so as to settle the issue of providing a vacant Laura Church to hold Divine Services by the community of the Transfiguration Church at Berestovo or allowing them to hold Divine Services in the Church (once on Sundays), but my applications are left without the attention of state authorities.
“During the time since the Church had been closed, the President of Ukraine signed a Decree of 21 March 2002 No. 279, Article 4 of which recommends local governments, including Kiev Council, which is an actual owner of the Church of the Saviour at Berestovo, to perform actions to restore the violated rights of churches and religious organizations, particularly to return them former religious constructions and other church property that are in municipal property and are used not for their purpose. However, officials of Kiev City State Administration and State Committee of Religion don’t even think of implementing this President’s Decree. The motivation is the following: the Church is in the emergency condition, and it is a historic monument under the protection of UNESCO, the Church is under restoration financed by the grant allocated by UNESCO, with its principal condition for allocating the grant allegedly being complete closing of the Church (even on Sundays) etc.
“According to reliable information, restoration works in Church have not even started yet, there is the research of humidification status of the Church premises under way, and this took almost a year and a half! The community could have done these works within a month and for free.”

Formwork for a million and a half!
How far did Yu. Andreiev go! “For free!” And within a month!
One can’t eat a grant for a month. Or rather one can, but doubtfully in a secret way. And thus the grant-eaters got frightened of that letter, and their fright was clear – Heaven forbid that UNESCO should hear the application of Yu. Andreiev and refuse financing!
However UNESCO didn’t hear, and the money was allocated. Only D. Tabachnik listlessly reacted to the application of Yu. Andreiev in the letter addressed to the then Minister of Culture Yu. Boutskiy: “I draw the attention of the Ministry of Culture that the directorate of the establishment only creates problems once again – it’s a pity.”
Yu. Andreiev doesn’t calm down. On 21 October 2003 he addresses with analogous letter to Prime Minister of Ukraine V. Yanukovich giving additional arguments to allow Devine Services in the Church:
"It is worth pointing out that the money of the grant is practically squandered for presentations, conferences, booklets, albums etc. It isn’t also clear what 300 ths. UAH allocated by Kiev Region State Administration for repairs of the Church several years ago were spent for.
Restoration works in the Church didn’t actually start.
The examination of the Church premises by the committee headed by a representative of the Ministry of Culture and performed on request of the community in May of the current year found that the premises were even in worse condition than before closing for restoration.
The committee made a decision to start works immediately aiming at taking first priority measures to stabilize the condition of the Church. It was planned to repair the roof, build horizontal isolation to prevent water from reaching the foundation, as well as treat of dome cracks. There are 300 ths. UAH from the funds allocated by the Ministry of Culture according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 02.06.2003 No. 801 provided for these purposes.
The contractor, CJSC “Ukrrestavratsiya” had to start works as far back as in August of this year under the agreement signed with the customer, the National Kiev-Pecherskiy Historico-Cultural Reserve. However, in fact, only formwork has been prepared by the present time.”
V. Yanukovich was brief in his resolution to this letter: “I ask to take corresponding measures and provide proper assistance in settling this issue.” This request also dealt with Minister Yu. Bogutskiy.

Who ate not only the grant?
There’s an interesting detail: all officials claim with one accord of a certain grant of Getty, and also unanimously keep silent the size of this grant. Nevertheless, proceeding from the available documents, the amount spent for the so-called restoration is as follows:
- Getty grant - ?;
- Kiev Region State Administration – 300 ths. UAH;
- Kiev City State Administration – 413 ths. UAH;
- Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – 300 ths. UAH in 2003;
- Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – 430 ths. UAH in 2004.
Thus, there have already been state funds in the amount of 1 million 443 thousand UAH spent for restoration of the Church without the money of the Getty grant. And despite the funds being intensively squandered, the Church premises, I have to repeat myself, is “in worse condition than before closing for restoration.”
Is it nonsense? Rather the humdrum of Ukrainian reality. Particularly, this is the humdrum also for the reason that the contractor for the Church reconstruction works, that is the Getty grant-eater, and the “drawer” of almost a million and a half hryvnas from the state budget of Ukraine is CJSC “Ukrrestavratsiya”, the true owner of which is no one else, but a son of the former Kiev Mayor Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Omelchenko, Omelchenko-junior.
So the award to the Director General of UNESCO is worth this. Moreover, the order is of the 2nd rank. And this means that Koitoro Matsuura has a chance to get a higher award from the first hands of our state. Not a big deal is required from him for this – another modest grant for reconstruction of another monument!
And generally speaking, evil tongues say that, besides squandering the grant and public money, there are shadows of anathematized monk Filaret and several oligarchs known in Ukraine, who put their envious eyes on the shrine, looming behind the operation of so-called restoration of the Church.

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