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“No matter how long does a string twist..

… it will finish as a loop!” a poet said. This seems to have been said of Sergey Velizhanskiy, a people’s deputy from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. And his business partner Andrey Senchenko.
Slightly more than a year and a half passed, and the Prosecutor General’s Office finally reacted to our journalist investigation about the activity of the said politicians. And their activity consisted of the fact that, using the privilege of parliament as a cover, Sergey Velizhanskiy and his party associates and officials of a subordinate Ministry were unscrupulously eating Chernobyl-affected children out of house and home. Then the Security Service of Ukraine started dealing with “glutton” officials after our investigation. We don’t know what this organization dug out against Velizhanskiy and Co. The Service only notified our organization that the investigation materials were passed to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.
And the prosecutor's ones were silent as usual. They didn’t even find time to notify us of a decision made. That is, the officials’ team turned out to be eating Chernobyl-affected children out of house and home, but lawfully. However, we had information that YTB supporters took best efforts to hush up the resonance case.
And they did. But times have changed. And now Crimean YTB leader A. Senchenko is indignant, saying “this is an ordinary political order, this characterizes a level of political culture of our opponents.”
But A. Senchenko didn’t somehow speak of his “political culture” when taking a serious bribe in his Verkhovna Rada office for his office-mate S. Velizhanskiy!
What can a man do? Well, they don’t love children in YTB! Now they abuse, now they eat them out!.. And when it comes to pay for what was done, they appeal to “political culture” and announce opposition.

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