What a life!

Moskal, a Mogilev’s exposer
One person widely known in Ukraine once let slip that most people’s deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine secretly, if not manifestly, stuck to non-traditional sexual orientation. That is, to put it clear, there is a coalitional majority of pederast in the VRU?!
One couldn’t quite believe what this well-known person said. But implacable people’s representative Gennadiy Moskal has recently stated that:
“If I am lost, grab Mogilev by his butt.”
Not by his arm – that is how a criminal is captured, – but by his butt!
Didn’t he call out this warning cry subconsciously?
Doesn’t this legislator and legal scholar know that “the first word is worth more than the second one?”
That's what he has come down to! He did start so well!
Having for some reason clung like grim death onto the present minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Moskal plunged into disclosure. At first he claimed that he “as a people’s deputy was addressed by a group of workers of the Crimean police with a statement that the slogans advanced by Anatoliy Mogilev, the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about the struggle against corruption among staff, as well as cruel punishment of heads of territorial subdivisions the workers of which committed criminal offences, are cheap populism and completely do not affect relatives, friends and immediate environment of the very minister.”
Although the names of the “group of workers of the Crimean police” weren’t mentioned by Moskal, apparently for reasons of their safety! But on the other hand he announced a list of Crimean policemen as well who allegedly were building a house for Mogilev in Koktebel. The master builder policemen were Sergey Volodin and Oleg Koziura, as Gennadiy Moskal claims.
Having announced “the whole list” of lawbreakers in his judgement, the “digger” of Mogilev in the second turn addressed the Prosecutor General's Office and the Premier of Ukraine with corresponding inquiries to verify the given facts, and with a request to issue legal evaluation of them should they be confirmed!
After signing relevant deputy’s inquiries to the above authorities, Moskal recollected for some reason in August 2010 the way the murders of girls were solved in Yevpatoria in summer 2007. Either he had been conducting his own deputy’s investigation during all these three years, or he had been carefully concealing for three years, in his opinion, a crime committed by the then leadership of the MIA and the Crimean police.
Reminding that in 2007 the MIA was headed by Vasiliy Tsushko, and Anatoliy Mogilev was in charge of the Crimean police, Moskal made public now a conversation he (?) had overheard. According to Moskal, Tsushko told Mogilev then:
“If you don’t solve the crime by the Independence Day, you won’t get the general’s rank!”
Mogilev and his Crimean subordinates solved the crime and arrested certain Getmanenko. According to Moskalev who didn’t stand up for unlawfully injured Getmanenko for three years, the latter spent half a year behind the bars for nothing:
- Clearly, no evidence of his guilt was found, that is why the court acquitted “the maniac” completely and released him. He was disabled when going at large. But grave crimes were still left unsolved. After that the policemen whom Mogilev had crossed up with urgent solving of the crime started hiding, and some of them were fired and convicted.
Of course, one would like to believe Moskal. And they would have. If it weren’t after 3 years after “unlawful’’ arrest of Getmanenko and not before another, October elections in Ukraine! For when it came to his good self, Moskal failed to wait for a couple of days, let alone three years. Had only minister Mogilev promised to “deal with the informational war” of Gennadiy Moskal, the latter gave a battle cry at once:
- As for the direct threats towards me, - and I perceive these words of Mogilev as a direct threat, if I suddenly disappear as Kharkov journalist Klimentiev did, grab Mogilev by his butt immediately!
One thing is left unclear: who of Moskal’s friends in people’s deputies’ non-traditionally sexually oriented workshop this sexual offer was addressed to?

Followers of Father Fedor.
“Repent!” exhorted a mad character of “The Twelve Chairs” Father Fedor when hospital attendants were taking him off a mountain cliff and away to mental clinic.
“Repent, Moscow!” urged supporters of the All-Ukrainian Union “Freedom” who gathered on the anniversary of signing the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact gathered in the quantity of some 30 people by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kiev. This was the “action of memory of victims of Nazi and Moscow-Bolshevik regimes,” as they stated in “Freedom.”
This action should have been welcomed by all patriotic forces, if it were not for one “but”. The “Actioners” were holding another placard: “The Second World War is a crime of Moscow and Berlin.” Consequently, should a banner of analogous content have been spread out by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kiev? Consequently, should the German Embassy have been symbolically surrounded with razor wire according to the action originators’ concept, like the Russian one?
Nothing like that happened by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The “Freedomers” acted selectively that day, for one commonplace reason, it appears: mounting a picket by the German institution could entail the refusal for the leadership of the All-Ukrainian Union in getting Shengen visas. And it’s absolutely different with the Russian Federation Embassy: no visa is needed to enter Russia!
A people’s deputy of the Party of Regions Taras Chernovol indirectly confirmed the differential approach of the leadership of “Freedom” to picketing the Embassies of the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany. The cause for his statement was different, - the deprivation of the “5th Channel” and TVI of frequencies and licences:
- Let there be complete ban for entering the Shengen area for a number of judges who were spotted in this process, for current members of the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting, for officials who made decisions about Lange.
- I will make personal appeals to introduce a ban for Khoroshkovskiy individually to enter Shengen countries after Lange case, after channels case, - the deputy added.
The statement of Taras Chornovol provoked angry reaction of Anna German, a former journalist of “Freedom Radio” and current Deputy Head of President Administration:
- Chornovol executes a political order of those who pay more. I regret deeply that Taras Chornovol turned into a killer on request instead of a young promising politician… I’m sorry to see him degrade.
However, Anna German didn’t indicate who paid less. By the way, it appears that she became degraded as a journalist. Since a killer always works only on request…

It’s not up to the President!
Ungrateful domestic mass media still don’t let our President relax. Well, he didn’t congratulate the city of Ternopol with its 470th anniversary! But he congratulated Donetsk with the Day of the City the next day!
Although, on the other part, Ukrainian sailors climbed Hoverla mountain on the Independence Day of the country, having thus initiated a new mockery: “Cruise in the Pre-Carpathian mountains!»
Later Viktor Fedorovich performed a trip to Germany. This is where there were no limits to the joy of the part of domestic mass media, especially those financed by the “Renaissance” Fund. At first they rejoiced that some picketers, among which there were Ukrainian writers Karpa and Zhadan, had “spoilt slightly Yanukovich’s holiday in Berlin.”
Spoiling someone’s holiday is a “must.” But “mercenary journalists” went further. And they finally found usual blunders of our President.
To begin with, Viktor Fedorovich pronounced his speech in a way that let his listeners interpret his performance as the one not really corresponding to geography, - this was when he allegedly mixed up Ireland with Italy. But, unlike meticulous journalists, we, common people of Ukraine were glad to find out that as far back as 2003, on the eve of Ukraine-EU Summit, Viktor Fedorovich gave a deserved rebuff to Romano Prodi from “Ireland”:
- And I told him firmly: “If this is a viewpoint of European Commission, this is one thing, and I would like to hear it officially. And if this is a viewpoint of Romano Prodi, then let me not to agree with it. For you will not decide whether or not Ukraine is going to be in the EU!
To confirm what was said the President addressed to minister for foreign affairs Konstantin Grishchenko present in the audience:
- And we had a firm conversation at the summit then. It seems to me Grishchenko was a minister then… Or not… He was a bit later… Who was then… There was your predecessor…
Oh, what if the electorate knew at that time what a rigid future president Viktor Fedorovich would be, the victory at the last election wouldn’t have gone to that one… Kravchuk was a president then… Or not… Ha was a lot earlier…
Generally speaking, it was your predecessor, Viktor Fedorovich!
After all, it’s not up to the President to remember all the ministers!

Arrests and escapes go on…
In late August Viktor Kachur, the mayor of the town of Nemirov (Vinnitsa region) was put on the international wanted list by Interpol. That is, he was arrested first and placed to pre-trial detention centre. But the corruption suspect was released by the Leninskyi Region Court of the city of Vinnitsa under recognizance not to leave.
Naturally, having obtained his freedom, comrade Kachur broke into a run.
Yet in late August the workers of the Security Service of Ukraine detained two employees of the State Property Fund while taking a bribe of $40 thousand right in the street, in Kiev, by the premises of Kiev Regional Division of the said Fund. The state service workers considered they had earned this amount from a director of a private enterprise for their desire to decrease the value of state non-residential premises which the director wanted to buy.
The Prosecutor General's Office continues the inspection of activity of the former Acting Head of the Military Department Valeriy Ivashchenko who now is charged not only with unlawful sale of property of the Feodosiyskiy Marine Engineering Factory, but lobbying for private interests at the time of distributing contracts of the Defence Ministry.
It happened that Deputy Minister of Defence Mikhail Kutsin wrote a report addressed to his boss, Mikhail Ezhel. Therein he pointed out the frustration of bids to conclude a contract on supplying provision to military men in June 2010. Particularly, this paper said that the bids were frustrated by the order of Sergey Korol working for the Legal Department of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine.
It turns out the bids aimed to change the supplier of servicemen’s food and substitute the “Ivala” Company, a breadwinner of the Ministry during many years.
But the “Ivala” Company lobbied for by Ivashchenko (what an amazing consonance of the surname and the company name!) assured through the court that it preserved its right for a previously concluded contract. And now it’s the turn of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Will we live?!
Despite numerous assurances of our government regarding better wellbeing of working people in comparison with 2009, the life in Ukraine is getting more expensive. Even the State Statistics Committee is unable to adjust the deplorable statistics. While it demonstrates, for instance, the following:
The prices for crop sector products increased by 34%, for livestock sector products by 12%.
Particularly, wheat went up by 34,1% for 7 months of this year in comparison with an analogous period of the last year, barley rose in price by 9,8%, rye rose by 10,8%, corn went up by 56,2%, sunflower seeds – by 41,7%.
Milk and dairy prices for the same 7 months increased by 50,9%, price of eggs rose by 29,3%. Poultry prices increased by 4,4%.
Only beef and pork became cheaper by 0,1% and  14,7% respectively! On live weight basis!
So, we will live!

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