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Render to a garage foreman and a trader the things that are garage foreman’s and trader’s!

Restless mass media obviously lack the first party of the State as a party (excuse the tautology) selected for mocking. Lately they giggled together on the subject of wrong pronunciation by Nikolay Yanovich of a name of Ivano-Frankovsk region. Allegedly he called it the Ivano-FrAnkovsk region. They say he confused Ukrainian poet Ivan FrankO with Spanish dictator Francisco FrAnco (the complete name of Spanish generalissimo is Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Franco y Bahamonde)!
The latest journalist (pre-vacation for Viktor Fedorovich) equivoque towards domestic leader was made during an informal summit of CIS countries in the Crimea. Our guarantor was charged with “another embarrassment” in the form of a national flag of Ukraine turned upside down: a yellow stripe up. According to deep conviction of our giggling print authorities, this is our President who has to watch over the whole protocol rite. As if he doesn’t have any well-paid members of his administration whose duties include preparation and provision of meeting at the highest level!
But it is one thing for mass media to giggle towards abstract Presidential Administration workers who probably were punished even without intervention of print authorities, and it’s quite another thing to sting the Head of State just in case!
Mass media malevolence towards Nikolay Yanovich is beneath any criticism.
Firstly, one can giggle at the pronunciation of our Premier every day and after each his reading aloud of another speech written for him in Ukrainian.
Secondly, the mistake in pronunciation was noticed after the momentous meeting on 16 July of this year. That same day, on Friday, parrying “another embarrassment” of the President pointed out by the press, Nikolay Yanovich urgently arrived at the meeting of secretariat of the National Journalist Union and said several phrases that had, in his opinion, to alert domestic giggling mass media. Here are these truly historical dicta of the Premier:
“Any publication, if it is professional, if it is made from patriotic and civil positions, will undoubtedly meet our reaction, and measures will definitely be taken in its regard!
“But we are well aware that along with independent mass media there are dependent, paid, ordered mass media working for customers!
“We have to think how to prevent lies from spreading around!”
Thirdly, do malevolent towards Nikolay Yanovich mass media know that some time ago a scientific dispute took place between Ukrainian and Israeli learned minds the matter of which consisted of the fact that representatives of two governments disputed the nationality of humanist Ivan FrankO? Ukrainians were beating off all together then the Jews’ affirmation that Ivan FrankO was a Jew!
And what if the scientific dispute hasn’t finished yet, and Nikolay Yanovich pronounced the surname according to the transcription applied in this new-European (according to Viktor Fedorovich!) country?
Fourthly, didn’t giggling mass media notice that if Nikolay Yanovich had meant the Spanish dictator, he would have pronounced the name of the region that way: Francisco-FrAncovsk region, or rather Francisco-Paulino-Hermenegildo-FrAnco-y-Bahamondevsk region!
That is, all those venomous advances on the part of mass media towards Nikolay Yanovich are nothing but their “response to Chamberlain” to calls to professionalism, patriotism and prevention of spreading of lies!
This is somehow strange, but simultaneously with the first attack of mass media against Nikolay Yanovich, the UNIAN agency published an interview of Viktor Baloga, the former chief secretary of President Viktor Andreevich. Viktor Ivanovich’s revelations published in this material contain enough “another embarrassments”, but restless mass media don’t notice them for some reason!
Firstly, Viktor Baloga says that he has never asked any positions from anyone.
Secondly, he determined the state of Nestor Shufrich as “psychic breakdown”, an invention in psychiatry that is worth an award of the academy of domestic sciences.
Thirdly, Viktor Ivanovich assured journalists that Sergey Levochkin had nothing to do with dismissal of Nestor Shufrich from the post of the Minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
And so on, and so forth…
Indeed, there were rumours as to Nestor Shufrich in the mass media that he was trading in positions in the Ministry of Emergency Situations subordinate to him. They even said that Nestor Ivanovich as a certain Geschäft appointed Nikolay Korovitsyn, a son of Anna German, his deputy. By the way, Nikolay Korovitsyn had finished a higher trade school in Warsaw and had worked as a mom’s driver before this sinecure of a deputy minister. This very appointment seems to have caused the resignation of Minister Shufrich!
In this connection policeman Nebaba SemenVasilievich of Ilf and Petrov comes to mind who re-trained as a musical critic after the revolution of 1917. That was almost 100 years ago.
The question arises why a personal driver of a mom highly placed by the President of Ukraine can’t become a deputy minister these days? And can Nestor Ivanovich have a “psychic breakdown” because of this?
Our trouble lies in other things, in fact, and Ivan Andreevich Krylov spoke about it almost 200 years ago, in 1813:
«The trouble will be if a shoemaker starts baking pies,
And a pastry cook starts stitching shoes:
And things will not be going quite all right,
As all have noticed it not once
The one who likes to deal with others’ trade
Is stubborn and quarrelsome more than the rest;
They’d rather spoil the whole matter
And would become
A laughingstock for the whole world,
Than ask some honest knowing people
For a piece of good advice.”
And thus there’s a huge favour to ask the mass media giggling over high officials of Ukraine: don’t demand deep proFFessor knowledge from a garage foreman, and other but trader’s skills from a huckster who graduated from History Department of Uzhgorod University in 1992 and at the same time worked as a deputy director, a director and a president of joint venture “West-Kontrade” from 1989 through 1998!

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