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Media in Ukraine change hands more than often. They are predominately established, owned, managed and operate by persons who are not Ukrainocentric and who by majority are even Ukrainophobs and Ukrainohaters.

Ukraine is a country where Mass Media cannot be accepted as a regular business, a money making machine or an entertainment industry.

Ukraine is in transition as an independent coutry, and process of nation and state building is underway, and Mass Media should be a driving force. 

Especially, it is very important nowadays when Ukraine is fighting Russian aggression, and major part of this aggression are an information war, Kremlin propaganda, etc.

The awareness of the importance of this prompted us to initiate the creation of a Ukrainian World Information Network whose purpose is to unite the Ukrainocentric Media, to work on Ukrainianization of the information space of Ukraine, to rise of national consciousness and public maturity (responsibility) of Ukrainian society.

We need your understanding and support of our efforts. Please, join our force if you really want to help Ukraine not just to survive, but grow and prosper as a successful and powerful state of the modern world.

Volodymyr Ivanenko
Ukrainian University 
Ukraina, Inc

April 22, 2018

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