Poor BABy!

In fact he is very rich. Because BABy is a pet word for BAB. And BAB is known to be interpreted as Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, also called as Abramych, or Platon Elenin…
Once Yuliya Latynina complained acrimoniously that the only voter in Russia is VVP – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In this case, we can only feel sorry for her and all other citizens of the Russian Federation. But with only condition though: Vladimir Vladimirovich is still the citizen of Russia.
In Ukraine, as the last president elections showed, the only voter was Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, now residing in Great Britain and no way being a citizen of Ukraine. Therefore, there is no sympathy for us, no condition justifying BAB.
Why this happened, no matter how deplorably it is for us, is known only to BAB. Though, the algorithm of his political combinations gets clear after thorough study of some stages of his long life journey. Even shallow analysis of actions made by this rip-off artist proves that he is obsessed with unique syndrome basing on political gambling, wheeler-dealer finance and tragic ends of his partners and foes’ fates. Here are some examples testifying the abovementioned.

BABy’s Brazilian Syndrome
In May 2006, Boris Abramovich was detained at the airport of Brazil city San Paulo. For several hours long, BAB was interrogated in terms of his possible involvement into financial frauds committed in the territory of Brazil. He was suspected in money laundering through Brazil football club Corinthians. Having interrogated BABy, Brazil law-enforcement authorities let him off. But in the next year (on June 13, 2007 in particular) the Federal Court of Brazil ruled to issue the arrest warrant for Boris Berezovsky, two directors of Media Sports Investments (MSI) company – Kia Joorabchian and Noyan Bedru, - and several more heads of football club Corinthians accusing them of money laundering. Since BAB and other heroes of this criminal case were not present in the territory of Brazil, the Brazilian authorities applied to the Interpol with the request of their arrest.

BABy’s Georgian Syndrome
In December 2003, BAB arrived to Georgia with the refugee passport issued by the Home Office of Great Britain for the name of Platon Elenin. Having learned this, the Russian Federation declared its protest to the Georgians. But Platon did not give a toss about those protests, as well as the Georgian governance. This was the reason why Elenin kept on visiting Georgia.
Why did he do that? It would be better to ask the current Georgian governance about this. And it would be better to ask Badri about this, who is dead now …

BABy’s Latvian Syndrome
First there was a declaration made by the Prime Minister of Latvia Aigars Kalvitis stating that Boris Abramovich Berezovsky represents a real threat for the Latvian state. Further measures taken by officials after this declaration break the stereotype about tardiness of the Balts.
The first one who reacted on the declaration made by the Prime Minister was the President of Latvia Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, who recommended the National Security Council (NSC) to consider whether BAB represents a potential threat for the Latvians.
On October 19, 2005, NSC of Latvia recommended the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to include Boris Abramovich Berezovsky to the list of persons whose arrival to Latvia is acknowledged as non grata. And on October 26, 2005, the Latvian Prime Minister Kalvitis signed a corresponding ordinance, in compliance with which BAB’s arrival to the territory of Latvia was prohibited starting the day it was signed. Kalvitis explained his decision with the fact that based on the information provided by the security authorities Boris Berezovsky had an intention to affect drastically the political situation in Latvia, because BAB had “certain political interests”.
In a week after this declaration proclaimed by the Prime Minister, it was found out who represented the BAB’s interests in Latvia. He was the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia Eric Ekabson, who owing to his membership in NSC immediately disclosed the secret materials of the Council sitting to BAB.
Certainly, Ekabson after his fiasco tendered his resignation at once.

BABy’s Russian Syndrome
On June 7, 1994 a Mercedes with Berezovsky inside was blown up in the centre of Moscow. In the result of this assassination attempt the driver died: his head was torn apart, the BAB’s guard and 8 passers-by were injured. The investigation showed that the mafia boss Sergey Timofeev called “Silvestr” was involved into this explosion. And in September of the same 1994 Timofeev was blown up in his automobile, and his assassination is still undetected.
On October 19, 1996, the Novy Vzglyad newspaper publishes declaration made by the head of the security service of the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Korzhakov saying that BAB supposedly tried to get him to kill Vladimir Gusinsky, Yuriy Luzhkov, Iosif Kobzon, Sergey Lisovsky.
On April 6, 1999, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation put BAB on the wanted list and signed the warrant for his arrest as the defendant in the Aeroflot company’s case. Berezovsky was accused of illegal business activity and “laundering of illegally gained money”. By the way, at that moment the government was headed by Evgeniy Primakov. BAB managed to prove his noninvolvement into the crimes he was accused of, and on the 5th of November of the same year charges against him were dropped.
In November 1999, the Prime Minister was Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin already, the person being close to BAB at that moment. It was he, Berezovsky, who, according to the diplomatic official Yuriy Ryzhkov, helped Putin both with finance and with political support in the West. According to today’s statements of BAB, he gave 25 million USD for the Putin’s president election campaign, which were the rest of money he gained after selling his stock of shares of ORT company. Later, having broken up with Putin, BAB demanded a report on how this money was spent. BAB has been waiting for the answer for his demand up to now.
In a year, on November 1, 2000, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation declared about its intention to accuse Berezovsky of stealing the state funds referring to Aeroflot company’s case. BAB, staying at that moment abroad, decided not to come back to Russia.
On September 20, 2001, Berezovsky was put on the federal wanted list, laying a secret accusation in one of cases, singled out Aeroflot case, with three items as follows:
- aiding and abetting in deception;
- non-return of currency earnings from abroad;
- money laundering.
In October 2003, the British journal EuroBusiness published an article named “Epoch of Robber Barons”. This article accused BAB of involvement into the murder of the leader of the Liberalnaya Rossiya party (Liberal Russia) Sergey Yushenkov and gaining illegal income via LogoVaz company. And Abramych lodged a claim to the High Court of England on the spot.
The journal could not prove the validity of its accusations. On October 30, 2003, the journal submitted his apologies to BAB and paid compensation totaling 10 thousand pounds.
On October 28, 2004, the head of Alfa-group Mikhail Fridman declared on the air of NTV channel that Boris Berezovsky threatened to him in 1999. On March 31, 2005, BAB lodged a claim against M.Fridman to the High Court of England and demanded indemnity. On May 26, 2006, the jury court placed Fridman under the obligation to pay BAB 50 thousand pounds.
On July 2, 2007, Savelovsky Court in Moscow city opened hearing of the case concerning secret accusation of BAB in stealing of 214 million rubles from Aeroflot company.
On August 28, 2007, head of investigating committee of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation Bastrykin declared that the tax police of the Netherlands initiated a criminal case against BAB for “legalization of criminally gained income in the Western Europe”. He also stressed that in the beginning of August 2007 Basmanny Court in the Moscow city of the Russian Federation again signed a warrant for arrest of BAB accusing him of engineering of stealing 13 million USD from SBS-Agro bank by credit fraud in 1997. The credit apparently was spent for “purchase of immovable located at the Mediterranean coast of France”.
The ordinance of bringing BAB as the defendant was signed by the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation on July 20, 2007. Due to this fact, Basmanny Court put a lien of Berezovsky’s villa in France.
Bastrykin also declared that one more criminal case against Berezovsky would be initiated soon accusing him of “stealing money, exchange of OMON prisoners caught at the Dagestan-Chechnya border for convicted Chechens and legalization of criminally gained income”.
On November 29, 2007, BAB was sentenced in his absence by Savelovsky Court of Moscow city for 6 years of ordinary confinement and was acknowledged as “guilty in stealing 215 million rubles belonging to Aeroflot company”.
On March 20, 2008, one more criminal case was initiated against BAB for “deliberately misleading accusation and simulation of prosecution evidence”.
Upset with loss of 25 million USD and ingratitude of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, BAB resolved to change the situation in Russia staying in his safe place in London. Either the fame of Trotsky messed up his enjoying the English climate, or due to some other reasonто, but on January 24, 2006 Abramych live on radio “Ekho Moskvy” (Echo of Moscow) said that he “was elaborating” the “forcible takeover” of power in the Russian Federation.
This statement put the British authorities on alert, and Jack Straw, holding at that time the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, warned BAB that his statements concerning forcible takeover of power in Russia might lead to change of his (BAB’s) status of refugee.
However, Abramych did not calm down. On April 13, 2007, he gave an interview to the British newspaper The Guardian, in which he, just like Lev Davidovich Trotsky in his time, declared that he financed his backing, who was mounting a coup in Russia. On that very day, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case against BAB pursuant to article 287 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (forcible takeover of power), and on April 16, 2007, submitted an international legal commission on Berezovsky’s extradition. On July 2, 2007 a secret accusation was declared against BAB.

Abramovich’s Syndrome
Once Boris Abramovich Berezovsky decided that his former partner in three large Russian companies – Roman Abramovich – owed him nearly five billion pounds. And then he filed a charge against his debtor.
According to the British judicial system, a request for summons may be handed over personally. With the desire to expedite the process, BAB took the initiative and the request for summons in order to hand it over to Roman Abramovich while personal meeting. Obviously, he wanted to see the face of his former companion.
But Roman Abramovich managed to avoid meeting BAB for half of a year. All this time, Boris Abramovich was keeping the request for summons in his car. And once, in October 2007, BAB went to Dolce&Gabbana shop in London.
Roaming in the shop in calm spirits, BAB suddenly saw Roman Abramovich in the next Hermes shop, who also was having good time. On the spot, BAB sent one of his securities to the car to fetch the request for summons, and escorted by the rest of his guards he got a move to Roman. Roman Abramovich’s guards forced BAB and his securities back. But while the guards of two tycoons were fighting, Boris Abramovich managed to get to his former partner and put out the request for summons, accompanying this friendly gesture with words:
- I have a present for you. This is for you from me.
But Roman Abramovich was also cunning enough to hide his hands behind his back. The papers flopped onto the floor.
But Boris Abramovich was even more cunning. He knew that all his actions, as well as the actions of his opponent were recorded with surveillance cameras in the shop, and this video record would the evidence that BAB had handed over and Roman Abramovich had received the request for summons to the London Court. And he was right!
On March 31, 2010 the High Court of London decided that the BAB’s claim against Roman Abramovich on indemnity of Sibneft and Rusal shares sale would be considered on the merits!

BABy’s Chechen Syndrome
In September 1998 Camilla Carr and John James, prior imprisoned by Chechen militants, were released for money in a sum of 1 million pounds and taken away with the BAB’s personal airplane.
Famous journalist Vyacheslav Izmailov stated that Berezovsky participated in release of prisoners in Chechnya. The journalist referred, in particular, on Bakha Arsanov, who declared that BAB handed over 2 million USD to Shamil Basaev for “restoration of cement plant in Chiri-Yurt”.
In 2000 Pavel Khlebnikov published a book “The Kremlin Godfather or the History of Russia Sack”. In this book Khlebnikov accused BAB of fraud, money laundering, arrangement of murders, relations with Chechen mafia and militants, and prisoners trade during the second Chechen war.
BAB did not initiate litigating with the author of the book. However, Pavel Khlebnikov was murdered in 2004 in Moscow.
In 2001, the Hero of Russia, general-colonel Gennadiy Troshev published his memoirs “My War. Chechen Diary of the General-in-Trench”. Referring to Akhmet Kadyrov – the father of current president of the Chechen Republic – stating that the day before the militants’ invasion into Dagestan Berezovsky transferred nearly 1 million USD to Shamil Basaev for “strengething the friendship between the nations”, Troshev expressed his suspicion in terms of the fact that prisoners released with BAB’s help were restored to liberty usually in 2-3 days or even in a day after they had been imprisoned. The general-colonel suspected that there was collusion between the kidnapers and BAB:
“The press in the airport interviewed Boris Berezovsky, who told about another operation for release of war prisoners. And how long they were detained by Chechens and upon what conditions they were released – TV viewers did not understand. And the “released” also kept silent, quickly sneaking into automobiles from the airplane and disappearing into unknown direction. And the tycoon at various political venues proudly declared about another successful “release from Chechen prisons”…
The said memoirs by Troshev cite a conversation of BAB with the general-lieutenant Pulikovsky:
“Going to Chechnya, Boris Berezovsky (at that moment being the official representative of the federal centre) first went to Maskhadov, and only after that visit he arrived to Khankala, to the head-quarters of the United Group Alignment.
After the speech of Berezovsly vested with high might, Pulikovsky got pale first but having gathered himself up at once he started to enunciate his words:
- I, as a commander of the group, do not agree with such position and consider that you should have met the management of the United Group Alignment first. We have gathered here long ago and have been waiting for you. We have what to say. Weren’t you interested in our opinion and our estimation of the situation before meeting Maskhadov?
- You, general, may think whatever you want, - the visitor from the capital glared. – Your task is to keep silent, listen and do what Lebed and I say. Clear?
- You say without any thought of those people staying in Grozny now being completely surrounded and coughing up blood, - Pulikovsky was in rage. – They are waiting for my help. I promised …
- I will buy and sell you down with all your people and your looser group! Is it understood now what your promises and ultimatum cost?..”
“Buy and sell down” policy of BAB looks like Panikovsky’s syndrome!
And Troshev, just like Lebed, died in a plane crash…

BABy’s Swiss Syndrome
On October 27, 2008, the Federal Criminal Tribunal of Switzerland ruled on confiscation of several millions francs deposited on the accounts in Swiss banks, among the beneficiary of which was BAB. And in August 2010, Switzerland handed over 52 million USD to Aeroflot, which were stolen from this company more than 10 years ago. This money was kept on the bank accounts of Andava company and were arrested while investigation of the so-called Aeroflot’s case, in which the sentence was passed on BAB in 2006.

BABy’s Ukrainian Syndrome
At the end of 2004 – beginning 2005, BAB set to participate actively in the president elections in Ukraine. In order to ensure Viktor Andriiovych Yushchenko’s win, Berezovsky offered his mite – he handed over 45 million USD to him via his fellow sponsor David Zhvania.
Having got into the saddle, Viktor Andriiovych managed not to account for these millions and to ban BAB’s entering Ukraine. Abramych was so much insulted with these two circumstances that he filed a suit against sneaking thieves of his own money.
Litigating with ungrateful debtors, BAB was patiently waiting for the next president elections in Ukraine and was planning an excellent gamble. He drew a conclusion for himself, with which he once and for all stigmatized Viktor Andriiovych Yushchenko as a betrayer and softie. And he also decided to have revenge upon Viktor Andriiovych for his forty five million spent in his unique and original style. In other words, acting in his self-interest under the slogan:

“In the name of Ukraine’s interests!”
Results of the first round of the president elections-2010 in Ukraine after the preliminary calculation of 100% votes were as follows:
8 686 751 people voted for Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych (35.32%).
6 159 829 people voted for Yuliya Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko (25.05%).
3 211 257 people voted for Sergiy Leonidovych Tigipko (13.06%).
This election campaign was kind of civil war: sympathies to candidates for President’s chair very often crucially differed in one family. In particular, Tigipko attracted the masses with his promotional charisma. But soon it turned out that three odd million citizens of Ukrainians, dreaming of Sergiy Tigipko being the president of the country, in fact voted for … Boris Abramovich Berezovsky! And six odd million fans of the “gas princess”, in the opinion of Abramych, were also wrong with their choice! Only he alone, Platon Elenin, knew what was truly better for Ukraine!
BAB told about this in December 2010, being annoyed with another financial and political failure. Turns out, he wanted to realize his cunning gamble in Ukraine laying in the following: in the second round of the president elections Yuliya Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko withdraws her candidature, and, consequently, Tigipko becomes a rival of Yanukovych, who, at BAB’s will, wins the president race. In this scenario, BAB prepared for Tymoshenko a role of the Prime Minister with Tigipko being the President!
The brilliance of this gamble was that, according to Berezovsky, Tigipko knew nothing of the role prepared for him. In other words, BAB wanted to “match” his candidate without his consent! It is hardly believable though, even if Abramych himself tells this.
- It’s just a usual political agreement, according to which, in the name of Ukraine’s interests, Tigipko becomes the president, and she preserves her position of the Prime Minister. They could make another agreement then, that if they realize the program satisfying the Ukrainian people, in 5 years they could exchange the roles: Tymoshenko – President, and Tigipko – Prime Minister, - BAB disclosed the essence of his gamble to the Segodnia newspaper.
In order to realize it, BAB arranged one of members of the House of Lords of Great Britain to go to Ukraine to meet with Yuliya Volodymyrivna and share the secret plan of BAB with her.
The gullible member of the House of Lords immediately fulfilled the BAB’s wish. The operation in general resembled some kind of collusion. Yuliya Volodymyrivna met with the confidant of Abramych. Having listened to attractive and promising offer made by BAB, she accepted it as a real patriot of her country. “Plato is dear to me, but truth is dearer still!”, - Yuliya Volodymyrivna proudly responded to that very member (of the House of Lords), adding emphatically that this offer was a provocation, and that the BAB’s agent got in her way to achieving what she was dreaming about all her life – to become the president of Ukraine!
The member of the House of Lords returned to London defeated. After giving this matter some thought, poor BABy arranged a new gamble:
- At that moment I thought that Yanukovych as a President meant regression.
Though, in compliance with his today’s ingenious plan, “Yanukovych of 2009 crucially differs from the one of 2004…”.
Looks like fine compliments to the current president. And the most delicate hint on another, already third, attempt to penetrate into Ukraine...

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