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It’s been a while that I don’t post to groups I don’t own or manage.

Reason: Facebook is blocking me from doing so. Even when I don’t try to post.

What Facebook does? They bend me from groups I have nothing to do with for a week. Shortly after after blockage is lifted they do block me again, and again, and again... Even if I were sitting and waiting for that break between blockages, I wouldn’t have an opportunity to make a short post to a group that I being a member don’t own or manage. 

So, I don’t even try. But Facebook blocks me anyway. Just in case.

I presume that there are a lot of people like me restricted from posting to groups they belong to but don’t own or manage. Possibly, millions. If so, groups are becoming senseless for being a member: you can’t post, you can’t comment.

Now, imagine yourself being a member of a group I own or manage. Yes, to post in my groups, one needs admin’s approval. We don’t approve entries that don’t match groups’ topics, but we don’t limit comments.

When restricted from posting to groups by Facebook, you can’t submit your post, and you can’t comment as well. And many of believe that me or another admin of my group keeps you away. Thank Facebook!

We know that more and more Facebook users have their personal pages blocked as well. For a week or even for a month. Just because Facebook reserved its rights for censorship: they decide what you can express and what you can’t.

Business pages are the only segment of Facebook that is not controlled as personal profiles and groups already are. Yet?

If you listened to Facebook founder grilled on the Capitol Hill, you might noticed that the guy is started talking about employing face recognition tools. This means... that’s right! - a face control.

In cases when you don’t show a picture of yourself on your page (using flowers, animals or whatever instead as avatars), Facebook already demands that you submit to them copies of your government issued IDs or other personal documents. 

They promise that those copies shall be permanently deleted. But we already know how they keep their promises, as well as we also already know that anything posted on internet or sent via internet, even permanently deleted, stays somewhere.

We also already know that more and more data is being sold to third parties. The ‘incident’ that brought Facebook owner to US Congress for heating tells us that he doesn’t control safety of our data. He says that he didn’t know. But we have reasons to suspect that he could be a part of that ‘project ‘.

There so much money behind Facebook. Tens of billions of dollars that made Facebook founder one of the richest guy in the world.

He created Facebook as a social media, as a tool for communication between friends. Now, Facebook is much more a money making tool than a communication platform. Money rules over there, and he was straight about this in Congress hearing rooms.

Limiting Facebook users rights doesn’t limit money making opportunities for those making billions on Facebook, including shareholder number one.

US Congress is going to restrict Facebook from some illegal activity mostly for national security reasons. Facebook users privacy may be protected to some extent, but not as far as would be necessary.

Facebook users have to take care about themselves on their own. One of ways to get Facebook punished can be a class-action lawsuit. For 10 - 20 - 30 or even more billion dollars. Victims of that ‘incident’ deserve this more than any of us. Aren’t they?


Volodymyr Ivanenko

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