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Black Spot for Lytvyn

“As the President, I will appeal to the court with the request to make the process as transparent as possible within the scope of the national law”, - Viktor Yushchenko declared on February 14 in Kyiv at the sitting of the National Commission for Democracy Building and Supremacy of Law. “I think that everybody – those who are present, journalists and others – perfectly know the names and the information which, in my opinion, could be referred to the state secret”. Among those people spotted with “the information” as the ones somehow involved into the murder of Georgiy Gongadze, the names of Leonid Kuchma and Volodymyr Lytvyn run. The former has no reasons to be afraid of the Yushchenko’s threats. American Uncle Sam will be solidly behind Leonid Danylovych. It was he who gave the guarantee of Kuchma’s immunity at the beginning of 2005 in case he voluntarily hands over the power to Yushchenko. And as we see, Kuchma accepted this offer. As of February 2006, the hazard of highest priority for Yushchenko and his party Nasha Ukraina (Our Ukraine) is activation of Volodymyr Lytvyn and his block MY (We). And therefore, in our opinion, the “request” of the President to the Court of Appeal in Kyiv is nothing else than a broad hint that the theme of Gongadze and Lytvyn once being lovers-rivals of one woman will possibly be touched on. As well as that this very circumstance was the reason for Lytvyn not only to make his rival away from the lover’s heart but to kill him. Recently, a close friend of Volodymyr Lytvyn Yuriy Kravchenko got the same public “black spot”. Upon this, the former minister of internal affairs was found killed. He “shot himself” in his own sauna, furthermore, according to the policemen present at the scene of the accident, Yu. Kravchenko “shot at himself” not less than three (!) times!

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