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Anti-Semitism in Ukraine

The US Congressmens letter condemning anti-Semitism in Ukraine and Poland to the US State Department ignited a discussion in Media full of speculations, misinformation and, as a result, misunderstanding.

The best way to find the truth is to start a discussion that can reveal facts, events and phenomenons. That’s why we decided to launch this page.

That’s why we posted here the complete text of the letter prepared by Rep. Ro Khanna.

We are going to post here the list of Congressmen who signed the letter.

Then, we’ll look who is behind this letter, what their intentions are, what kind of information was used in this letter, how accurate this information is, etc. 

The very first look at the letter content from Ukrainian studies point of view brings to our attention Soviet/Russian propaganda style of considering of Ukrainian history facts and events.

So, it’s possible that a ‘Kremlin hand’ is behind this letter, because Moscow is the very first interested in making a crack in the US - Ukraine relations and strategic partnership.

There are reasons to believe because one of the largest Russia’s lobbies in Washington is directly connected to the... Capitol, and it is... US Capitol Police Retired Officers Association.

We invite everybody interested in the topic to post any kind of information that will help us to reveal the truth and at the same time to educate Americans in general and American politicians in particular about Ukraine’s history, Ukrainian-Jewish relations, etc.

We are open for round table discussions and other types of education and research activities.

We hope that Embassy of Ukraine will help us to present here Ukrainian government official view on this matter.


Volodymyr Ivanenko 
Ukrainian University 

April 27, 2018

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