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‘Grymchak is going to sell you all!!!’

Stalin did not trust Ukrainians because during the First World War they had delivered Ukraine to Germans.
It was said about Stalin by his biographer, a friend and comrade of Trotskiy, Isaac Doycher. He is also the author of a statement that Stalin, Georgian by nationality, was the most fervent Russian nationalist.
On Friday, May 14, 2010 a present Ukrainian nationalist Oleg Tyagnibok agreed with Joseph Vissarionovich. He publicly announced that on Inter TV-channel.
Oleg Tyagnibok complained that all the so-called democrats, patriots and nationalists (with the exception of his Svoboda Party) had conspired with regionals (members of the Partiya Regionov Party) who had come to power. Especially he was displeased with the position of Ivano-Frankovsk and Ternopol’ Regional Councils which are considered to be the centers of nationalism and patriotism.
The successor of Marks-Engels-Lenin’s work, the leader of all times and nations, Russian nationalist J. Stalin and the leader of Ukrainian nationalists O. Tyagnibok have reached agreement in their characterization of traitors.
The events which took place in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on April, 27 of this year became a proof to conclusions made by theoretician of     Marxism-Leninism and modern Nationalism.
Thus, according to scenario approved on the previous secret meeting between members of NUNS and BYuT factions, on April, 27 eight smoke grenades were supposed to smoke in the chamber of Verkhovna Rada. Strategists have shared them in the following proportions: two grenades were to be burned by lawmakers of NUNS faction, all others – by BYuT.
Members of NUNS faction, camouflaged by a huge flag of Ukraine, almost fairly set up a smoke curtain. Coalition majority for some reason refused to breathe in the acrid reek and involved incendiaries into hand-to-hand fight. The Verkhovna Rada subverters flabbily fought back, waiting for reinforcement from members of BYuT faction and their commander-in-chief Andrei Kozhemyakin. But chemical troop detachment was already suffering casualty losses, while yesterday's allies-conspirators led by commander-in-chief were indifferently watching the fight from the sidelines. And suddenly members of NUNS faction clearly saw that they were betrayed!
The instinct of self-preservation of some incendiaries, who with their rear-based unit felt that the coverage of this unit is absent, advised them that since the allies had betrayed them, they should hurry and be the first to deliver their friends. Vladimir Litvin has not yet thrown away his suit stained with eggs, the speaker’s bodyguards have not yet had their jackets dry-cleaned, when a NUNS representative, active subverter and incendiary Yuriy Grymchak dashed off a claim addressed to the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Aleksandr Medved’ko. His claim preserves the general style of denouncements of the 30th – 50th years of the last century. It is worth reading:
‘Because I am a lawmaker, on April 27, 2010 in the time period around 10:35 I was present in the debating chamber of Verkhovna Rada, where I was performing my official duties as a lawmaker related to the state activity’, - like, I am a statesman, not some representative of Svoboda or BYuT political parties, protesting under the walls of Verkhovna Rada, - just in case notes Grymchak.
‘When the plenary session started, eggs that aimed in Vladimir Litvin’s direction flew from the side of governmental lodge, and then the fight started near that lodge. I was at my work place and was watching these vandal actions from aside’ – Grymchak continues his squealing. Like, bad lawmakers are behaving like hooligans and he is only watching and sneakily making notes, so that he could then report everything to the Prosecutor-General.
‘Then between the rows of our political force appeared lots of smoke, which quickly filled the chamber. I thought that somebody had burned a smoke grenade and thrown it into our rows’, - Grymchak continues to weasel his way out. It is strange that it did not come into his mind: that the chamber of Verkhovna Rada could be burning, - in his wisdom the smoke immediately was associated with a smoke grenade, which for some reason had been thrown by somebody into his rows!
‘But when I lowered my gaze to the floor, I saw that right near my feet was lying a metal cylinder. I thought that it could be a smoke grenade which had not been activated yet, and then I immediately grabbed it and put it into my pocket’, - Grymchak describes his act, hoping, at the very least, for the Hero of Ukraine title for the rescue of the Verkhovna Rada.
In this paragraph Yuriy excels himself at his lies. Firstly, by the statement that he ‘lowered his gaze’, - absolutely like a bonny lass. Secondly, when he thought ‘that it could be a smoke grenade’, - if he never saw it, he would not have thought. But if he saw it, then why ‘could be’? And, thirdly, he boldly lied about a ‘pocket’.
Telephotography snapshots show Yutiy Grymchak absolutely without any shyly lowered gaze. There he is, like a hero of the Great Patriotic War, grabbing a grenade. And there he is hiding it … in his pants.
However, maybe he has a secret pocket there? And, like Vasiliy in the film Love and Pigeons1, maybe he stores money there? And on April, 27 maybe he also stored a smoke grenade there?
Then Grymchak reports to the Prosecutor-General that on hiding the smoke grenade in ‘the pocket’, he covered it with both hands and ran out of the chamber. But for some reason, there is no photograph attached to the claim where Yuriy Grymchak carries with both hands the smoke grenade hidden in his pants and runs out of the debating chamber.
Having got rid of the material evidence and hoping that he did not get caught in the camera lenses, Yuriy Grymchak returned, according to his story, to his ‘work place’. Everyone around is fighting, but Grymchak (according to his denouncement) is working!
‘At that time Konovalyuk ran up to me and started threatening me with bodily harm, using bad language towards me, and, while standing near me, he almost ganged up on me with his body’, - whines Grymchak.
‘I took him and dragged of me…’(?!), - witnesses Grymchak. In other words he continued sitting at his state work place and, simultaneously, he took Konovalyuk and dragged him away?!
Having dragged Konovalyuk away, while staying at his place, Grymchak asked the regional ‘to stop his unlawful actions’. Thus, he said without paying any attention to the surrounding smoke and fighting: ‘Valera, stop your unlawful actions!’ But Konovalyuk did not listen to the statesman’s request and ‘became even more aggressive and started to swing his arms’, - resents Grymchak in his claim.
‘To his assistance immediately arrived his party fellows: Malyshev, Svyatash and Yanukovich, who started to strangle my neck with their hands, punch my body with their fists, and personally Konovalyuk landed a punch with his right hand’s fist directly into my right brow, which caused the appearance of hemorrhage and scratches’, - Grymchak chokes with tears.
It is quite interesting, what else can be used for strangling, except hands, and what else can be strangled, except a neck? And could Konovalyuk land a punch not ‘personally’?
However, at the end of his claim Grymchak visibly ‘messed up’: ‘unlawful actions of the mentioned public lawmakers were documented with photo and videotaping’. And, based on the above, he asks Aleksandr Medved’ko ‘to organize a pre-investigation check and to launch a criminal case against Konovalyuk, Malyshev, Svyatash and Yanukovich’. (Stylistics and orthography of the quoted statement has been left without any change).
The Prosecutor-General granted a humble request of the statesman and organized a pre-investigation check. And on reviewing ‘documented with photo and videotaping’ motions of Grymchuk in the Verkhovna Rada, as well as those of his faction fellow Andrei Parubiy, he launched a criminal case.
‘Panikovskiy is going to sell you all!’ , - a famous character assured his comrades. However, he was not very successful in the sale.
Grymchak was also going to sell everyone. But he was not successful either.
So the adherents of Russian and Ukrainian nationalism turned to be right: you will never make a bullet of Grymchak and the like!


[1]Love and Pigeons is a Soviet comedy film, based on the similarly-named short novel by Vladimir Gurkin.

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