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Obolon «masons»
 After filling a post of the chairman of the board of “Narodna Rada”, just in case Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych appointed herself to the post of deputy head of the Anti-corruption Committee.

Coat of arms of Ukraine
All-Ukrainian public organization

Union of public organizations of Ukraine
“Narodna Rada”

Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych
Chairman of the board.
Deputy head of the Anti-corruption Committee

1d Marshala Tymoshenko Str., of. 3
Kiev, 04212                            tel./fax: +380 444 142 963
e-mail:                        mobile: +380 506 977 721

We did not manage to find out what kind of committee it was. However, as it turned out, Miroslav Kotvitsky was also a member of this mysterious committee, and he even had a specific certificate proving such a fact.
 Unfortunately for him, Kotvitsky’s magic certificate worked only for the employees of Kiev parking lots. But, it was quite essential money saving!

Then, after receiving local authority, Nadiya Ivanivna conferred a title “Hero” on the former minister Anatoliy Tolstoukhov. According to her Tolstoukhov was very happy with the conferred title. And when he had to leave his sinecure on which he felt himself at home, before his supervisor he was shaking with his “Hero” certificate and false letter from the President of Ukraine to the extraordinary “powerful” congress.

But the demonstration of Anatoliy Tolstoukhov’s merits before Nadiya Lukashevych played a mean trick on the ex-minister. His supervisor turned out to be a sensible official and he ordered to check the origin of the “Hero” certificates of his subordinate.

On the other hand, Gennadiy Andreyevich Vasilyev, a deputy head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine, took under his control the investigation on the origin of the false letter from the President as well as on other “Hero” adventures of Tolstoukhov, Lukashevych’s son and mother, Yatsenko’s husband and wife and other characters of a great life musical.

Coat of arms of Ukraine
Administration of the President of Ukraine

03.02.11 No. 43-01/478

Internet edition
“Gennadiy Ustynov.
Journalist investigations”

3 prosp. Peremogy Str., apt. 35, Kiev, 01135

We would like to inform you that the application of Ustynov G.P., a chief editor of the Internet edition “Gennadiy Ustynov. Journalist investigations”, has been sent to the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine and to the Security Service of Ukraine as they are the competent authorities, and they are to inform you of the taken measures.
The course of examination is under control.

Deputy head of the Administration            Signature     Vasilyev G.

of the President of Ukraine

Right then Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych was really scared. And being a true “deputy head of the Anti-corruption Committee” she simultaneously made several applications to the Prosecutor General’s office, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs concerning the origin of the false President’s letter. In these applications she was frankly telling that such a letter was given to her by the former people’s deputy of Ukraine Aleksandr Nikolayevich Terentyuk, for whom a false letter was made by a certain Alessandro Kestutis Kruminas with his own hand, in everyday life called simply Kostya.

At first a former people’s deputy Terentyuk expressed a sincere and overwhelming desire to meet and tell us about the origin of the false “masterpiece” of the President. However, soon after our confidential telephone talk Aleksandr Nechas rang up, asked me not to meet with Terentyuk and promised to tell me during our meeting who and how faked the President’s message.

As always Aleksandr Nechas came to the meeting together with Miroslav Kotvitsky who actually started a tragic narration. It appeared that Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych gathered her “communist” group of activists on the eve of the congress. And then Olga Aleksandrovna Yatsenko offered that it would be great if one of the country leaders greeted their extraordinary congress.

Without thinking twice Nadiya Ivanivna pointed to Terentyuk who was present then from such a group of activists. As he, being a former people’s deputy, was able to organize the greeting letter from the President of Ukraine.

Terentyuk didn’t object to the honorable mission entrusted to him. All the more Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych even gave him $1,000 out of $5,000 received by her from Olga Aleksandrovna Yatsenko for the organization of  such a grand greeting. All the more Terentyuk was an expert on faking false letters in the person of Kostya Kruminas. And a former people’s deputy fraternally gave Alessandro Kestutis Kruminas a tenth from $1,000 received by him - $100.

According to Miroslav Kotvitsky such were the events preceding the false letter from Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovich, the President of Ukraine, to the extraordinary congress of “Narodna Rada”.

It turned out that knowing full well who had made this false document Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych deliberately slandered Olga Aleksandrovna Yatsenko!

- I told about it only to one person – Sergey Sergeyevich Ostapchenko. I am sure that it was him who peddled dope, - a deputy head of the Anti-corruption Committee told me.

After answering law-enforcement authorities and bucking up, at the beginning of April during or meeting Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych ferociously told me that she kept under careful control four and a half “powerful” organizations all around Ukraine (however, in his letter to Konstantin Grishchenko her son Sergey Lukashevich reported about “more than three thousand public organizations”). That her organization was so strong, that as soon as Gennadiy Vasilyev showed his interest in it, at once he was deprived of his office as a deputy head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine. That at her personal instance Anatoliy Muntyan was appointed to the post of the director of Feodosiya commercial seaport. And that there were real killers in her organization, who were ready to give short shrift to any people, who interfered in the work of her powerful organization, any time, according to her goodwill or her order, especially to journalists!

Nadiya Ivanivna repeated her last spell about killers twice – at the beginning and at the end of our long talk, even pointing the exact number of armed hired servants: 2 people.

From our dialogue with her a clear picture of her far-seeing actions was quite visible: Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych was constructing (or has she already constructed it?) her own chain of command, parallel to the president’s one, pierced by four and a half public organizations together with all their members, subordinate to her.

What an Obolon version of a Great French lodge!


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