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‘’Hurray!’, Ostapchenko was shouting…
A buffet meal is an obligatory attribute for any more or less important party event. There is even a specific category of persons who are always hanging about party leaders, named ‘buffeters’. A ‘buffeter’s’ main task is to attend press conferences, presentations, party congresses and conferences – in a word, all the events followed by free refreshments, and collect corporate gossip.

This time, the buffet meal was free for Serhiy Ostapchenko – the event was completely paid by Olha Yatsenko. That is why he was shouting a personal and repeated ‘hip, hip, hurray!’ to her.

“I told Serhiy Ostapchenko to put up with Olha Oleksandrivna!” Nadiya Lukashevych is telling about her peacemaking mission.

But the two party Führers of the same People’s Block party – the legitimate one, Olha Oleksandrivna Yatsenko (Dementyeva), and the secret one, Serhiy Serhiyovych Ostapchenko – could not any longer reconcile under any circumstances. So what has become the apple of discord for them?

On February 22, 2009, an extraordinary congress of the Party for the Protection of Ukrainian Pensioners was held. At this forum, two issues vital for the party were under urgent consideration: renaming the party as People’s Block and electing Olha Oleksandrivna Yatsenko as the presidium head of the newly-named party.

The motion was carried unanimously. It could not have been any different, though. Before the congress, by her arbitrary decision, Olha Yatsenko promised the leader of Ukrainian pensioners protection that, should she be elected the leader, she will bless the party organization with a substantial financial injection of UAH 220,000,000!

Indeed, who would refuse such an attractive offer! So well, neither did Ihor Leonidovych Kozlov!

As a result, not only did the extraordinary congress elect Olha Yatsenko the president of the People’s Block, but it also elected the party’s presidium founded on pronounced nepotism and clannishness. In the presidium, which in fact adopts current resolutions for the whole party, three clans were formed.

The first clan was headed by the new organization leader. Apart from her, the presidium also included her confidants, Nataliya Hennadiyivna Lukyanchuk and Nadiya Vasylivna Semerenko.

The second fraction in the presidium included Ihor Leonidovych Kozlov, Liudmyla Mykolayivna Herasymova, Volodymyr Musiyovych Rinchuk, and Mykola Yuriyovych Stefliuk.

And finally, the third fronde in the People’s Block was represented by Oleksandr Viktorovych Nechas, Myroslav Anatoliyovych Kotvytskyi, Serhiy Vasyliovych Mizernyi, and Nadiya Yuriyivna Yalyna.

Upon closer view of the members of the esteemed presidium of the People’s Block party, it was found that Nataliya Lukyanchuk is the irreplaceable accountant of a several dozen enterprises organized by Olha Yatsenko, whose husband, Oleksandr Yatsenko, has been just as irreplaceable a director of those enterprises. It appeared that Ihor Kozlov and Liudmyla Herasymova were registered at the same residential address. Oleksandr Nechas and Nadiya Yalyna are also resident at the same address, though.

Besides, Oleksandr Nechas is the godfather of the children of Olga Yatsenko’s son, Taras Dementyev. Myroslav Kotvytskyi, a professional ‘decisioner’, is engaged in business ‘decisioning’ in close contact with Oleksandr Nechas. And Oleksandr Nechas, while working as a lawyer at the office of Olha and Oleksandr Yatsenko for more than seven years, used to pull off financial transactions through the clerk of Poltava Bank, Serhiy Mizernyi…

So, each clan, by means of its people in the presidium, was hoping to rule the party, or, to be more precise, the UAH 220,000,000 that was to fall into their hands from Olha Yatsenko’s purse!

But time passed, and Olha Oleksandrivna did not hurry to fork out the money to the opened hands and mouths of her presidium colleagues. After realizing that not even in three years were they going to get the promised millions, two factions of the presidium temporarily united to achieve their common purpose – selling themselves to someone else, and as dearly as they could. The more so because the election to the local council was approaching!

And the purchaser for the party was found, strange as it may be. It turned out to be… Yuriy Ivanovych Yekhanurov.

It is now hard to tell whom the laurels of the skilled camp follower belong too. Looks like it was Myroslav Kotvytskyi! Whatever the case, Yuriy Ivanovych Yekhanurov was talked into taking the People’s Block under his wing! And he, naturally, temporarily gave charge over the party to his confidant, Serhiy Serhiyovych Ostapchenko.

According to the words of Ostapchenko, which he was putting into the ears of Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych, and the latter was spreading them around the whole world, Yekhanurov and the President of Ukraine, Victor Fedorovych Yanukovych, agreed that the former will head the People’s Block, which shall be a faithful assistant of the Party of Regions. And, according to Nadiya Lukashevych, Yuriy Yekhanurov had even been either to the USA or to England to get powerful financing for the Party of Regions from there. Upon return from this business trip, Yuriy Ivanovych had allegedly told his confidants, among whom Nadiya Lukashevych counts herself as well, that he had arranged everything for the People’s Block to be financed from abroad.

The analysts who learned about this huge success of Yuriy Yekhanurov suggested at once that if he had been to the USA, the party was to be financed by Pavlo Lazarenko, and in case he had been to England, it would be Boris Berezovskiy.

The newly appeared grey cardinal, Serhiy Ostapchenko, started checking the condition of the party he was about to purchase. And suddenly, it turned out that its current sellers, with whom he had had preliminary negotiations on the sale and purchase of the People’s Block, had actually nothing to do with the party! They had been literally expelled from the presidium! And this was done by Olha Oleksandrivna Yatsenko, who substituted the representatives of the rivalling fronds for her own people!

Olha Yatsenko’s ex-lawyer, Oleksandr Nechas, held his own investigation. But as the purchaser was pressing them to make the decision, because the local election was just around the corner, on August 16, 2010, eight excluded members of the presidium urgently convened their meeting and adopted a historic resolution. It said that, ‘for the failure to perform their statutory functions’, Olha Oleksandrivna Yatsenko and Nadiya Vasylivna Semerenko were to be immediately dismissed from their positions as the head of the presidium of the People’s Block and the co-president of the party’s presidium, accordingly.

Afterwards, three party activists, Oleksandr Nechas, Nadiya Yalyna and Myroslav Kotvytskyi, wrote an application addressed to the Head of the Department of the State Service for Economic Crime Control, V.A. Lysykov, which stated that the head of the presidium of the People’s Block party, Olha Yatsenko, ‘by previous concert with the officer of the Ministry of Justice, Dmytro Vershynin, forged the minutes of the extraordinary 11th congress of the Party for the Protection of Pensioners’. The trio claimed in their application that Dmytro Vershynin’s wife, Tetiana, ‘has for a long time been employed by O.A. Yatsenko, and receives renumeration and salary not just for herself but also for Mr. Vershynin, which points to the corruption in the ranks of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the fact that Vershynin receives veiled bribes’.

As a result, the three confederates requested that criminal proceedings be instituted against Dmytro Vershynin.

However, neither were criminal proceedings instituted against Vershynin, the employee of the Ministry of Justice, nor was Olha Yatsenko removed from the guidance of the party presidium. And this is why Serhiy Ostapchenko, while dining at the buffet meal in honour of the extraordinary congress of non-governmental organizations at the expense of Olha Oleksandrivna Yatsenko, was shouting a repeated ’hurray!’ to her. However, what Nadiya Lukashevych just said about the forgery of the welcome address and signature of the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych, Ostapchenko entered as the liability of Olha Yatsenko, and on his credit side.

Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych, warm with success, at once ordered her closest assistant and son at the same time to send this message by Yanukovych to all the e-mails he had in his base. Which he did. Moreover, inspired by the same success, Serhiy Lukashevych, with the blessing of his mom, devised and sent to the addressee the following letter:

Ecology of Ukraine Association
Kyiv, 04212 Marshala Tymoshenka Str., 1д, off. 3
tel./fax +38(044)4142963, +38(050)6977721, e-mail:

No. 412/4 dated December 3, 2010

Attn: Minister of the Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
K.I. Hryshchenko

Dear Kostiantyn Petrovych!

Today, a large non-governmental association, named All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization ‘People’s Council Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of Ukraine’ (hereinafter referred to as ANO UNOU People’s Council). The association includes: 12 international organizations, such as International Anti-Terrorist Union international non-governmental organization, International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, Ukrainian Association of Charity Providers all-Ukrainian charity organization, 15 organizations of military officers transferred to the reserve, 59 charity funds, 12 children’s organizations, 5 sports organizations, 12 disabled people organizations, 6 Cossack organizations, 7 Afghan war veterans and Chornobyl cleanup veterans organizations – in total, over three thousand non-governmental organizations.

ANO People’s Council keeps pace with the government under the motto of uniting and fortifying the Ukrainian State. The main purpose of the union is to consolidate the efforts of all the non-governmental organizations in order to stimulate the community’s activity in the political, state-building and public life, to form the middle class from the creative, scientific, managerial and medical intellectuals, the representatives of small and middle-sized business as the fundamentals of the civil society.

The concept of the civic movement is the hierarchical system for the governance of the civil society as a means of improving the government’s image and alleviating the tension in the society.

ANO UNOU People’s Council is the main founder of the Union of Organizations ANO People’s Majority of Ukraine, UNO All-Ukrainian People’s Congress.

On our initiative, an Order ‘On Recognizing Kyiv as the Spiritual Capital of the Orthodox World’ is to be signed by the President of Ukraine V.F. Yanukovych.

ANO UNOU People’s Council is the initiator and co-author of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 996 dated November 3, 2010 ‘On Ensuring the Community’s Participation in the Forming and Implementation of the State Policy’.

On November 20, 2010, an extraordinary congress was held. Together with 10 powerful all-Ukrainian organizations, an All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization ‘Union of Unions of the Non-Governmental Organizations ‘The Great Council of Ukraine’’ was created.

It will support all the initiatives of the President of Ukraine, which shall be approved by the Agency of Strategic Programmes for the Country’s Development, where each law or order of the President will be considered at the public hearings.

The delegated of the congress gladly accepted the address of the President of Ukraine, V.F. Yanukovych.

One of the members of the UNOU People’s Council is Diana Anatoliyivna Prokopenko.

Diana Anatoliyivna is the founder of the Omelianivska Hromada charity fund, the founder and director of Myklukho private enterprise, the founder of the Vitryla Myklukho-Maklaya private enterprise, the Deputy of the Kozelets District Council in majority constituency 30, the assistant/consultant of the deputy of Chernihiv Region Council, Nadiya Petrivna Myklukho-Maklay, the founder of the Zhyttia Hromady newspaper, the counsellor of the head of the Committee for the Coordination of Assistance to the Law Enforcement Bodies and Military Formations of Ukraine international charity organizations.

We request that you include Diana Anatoliyivna Prokopenko as a member of the action group for the formation of a public council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Yours faithfully,                        /signed/
President of the Ecology of Ukraine Association                S.V. Lukashevych

Seal: Ukraine. Kyiv. ECOLOGY OF UKRAINE Association. Identification code 32385714


In this message, the worthy son of his mother, the President of the Ecology of Ukraine Association, Serhiy Lukashevych, for some reason assured the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kostiantyn Hryshchenko, on behalf of the whole all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization ‘Union of Unions (sic!) of Non-Governmental Organizations ‘The Great Council of Ukraine’’, that this very Council ‘will support all the initiatives of the President of Ukraine approved by the Agency of Strategic Programmes for the Country’s Development’.

And, according to the letter’s author, the next phrase of his message was to confirm his loyalty to the current course of the country’s leader:

“The delegates of the congress gladly accepted (sic!) the address of the President of Ukraine, V.F. Yanukovych”.

The gladness of the delegates of the congress, in the earnest conviction of Serhiy Lukashevych, was caused by that very forged letter from V.F. Yanukovych.


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