Nadezhda LUKASHEVYCH (third on the right)

‘Con Artists’

Extraordinary ‘powerful’ congress
In November 2010, namely on November 20, an extraordinary congress was held in Kyiv by some ’10 powerful all-Ukrainian organizations’ that adopted a historic resolution: to create an all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization named ‘Narodna Rada Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of Ukraine’. The President of the Organizing Committee of the event was a certain Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych.
The very best representatives of the public were elected to the presidium of the congress.


In the photo: the second person on the left is Olga Oleksandrivna Yatsenko (alias Dementyeva); on the utmost right, one can see the right elbow of Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych.

The congress was held in the atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding. Ex-unappeasable adversaries were joined in the ecstasy of like-mindedness. And when the President of the Organizing Committee, Nadiya Ivanivna Lukashevych, started reading out the welcome address to the congress from the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych, as she declared to the delegates present, the whole audience, in a single impulse, stood up and kept applauding for a long time, whether to itself, for being blessed with such a lofty address, or to the President of Ukraine, or maybe to Nadiya Lukashevych who was reading out the address. Though some delegates, while still clapping furiously, were asking each other in a low voice: is it true that Victor Yanukovych really bothered himself over their meeting? But the uplifted right thumb and the winking of Olha Yatsenko, who was sitting in the presidium, addressed to the head of the Organizing Committee reading out the letter, cast the skeptics down.


That very letter.
President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych

To the President of the Organizing Committee
of the congress of all-Ukrainian non-governmental organizations
N.I. Lukashevych

Dear Nadiya Ivanivna!

Dear delegates of the congress and guests!

Ukraine, as a sovereign and unified state, despite the temporary social and economic difficulties that emerged during the latest years, keeps confidently building a civil society.

Your congress is a landmark for me, and the fact that you, all the best representatives of the people, support me as a President, indicates that we are on the right path, and that in the nearest future, we shall jointly achieve success in the creation of the national idea, attain stability and mutual understanding, avoid confrontation in the society, rise to a new level in the relations with our neighbour states and the European and world community.

Best of luck to you in your civic and social affairs!

Yours faithfully,                                Victor Yanukovych

You could trust Olha Oleksandrivna Yatsenko (Dementyeva). After all, she was representing one of the ’10 powerful all-Ukrainian organizations’, a political party named People’s Block, the presidium of which she had been heading, according to the data of the Ministry of Justice.

In her party, too, it was not all roses. In mid-August 2010, the manifest dissenters and oppositionists, represented by Oleksandr Viktorovych Nechas and Serhiy Vasyliovych Mizernyi, guided vigorously by the secret instigators, Serhiy Serhiyovych Ostapchenko and Myroslav Anatoliyovych Kotvytskyi, attempted to dethrone Olha Yatsenko. Moreover, these revisionists gathered two-thirds of the People’s Block presidium and dismissed Olha Oleksandrivna from the position of the head of that very rebellious presidium. While they were at it, they dismissed the first deputy head and co-president of the party, Nadiya Vasylivna Semerenko, as well.

Two-thirds of the rebellious presidium entrusted Ihor Leonidovych Kozlov with the discharge of the party president’s statutory duties. The revolutionists elected Oleksandr Viktorovych Nechas the first deputy of I.L. Kozlov, and Serhiy Vasyliovych Mizernyi as the deputy. Two grey cardinals, Serhiy Ostapchenko and Myroslav Kotvytskyi, preferred to direct the party with the hands of the newly born triumvirate. Besides, Myroslav Kotvytskyi, as spoken about by his good acquaintance, ‘an unidentified person’, was, as they say, joined at the hip with O. Nechas. Serhiy Serhiyovych Ostapchenko, however, was the personal representative of Yuriy Ivanovych Yekhanurov in the party, the latter being the one intending to lay his hands on the People’s Block. Moreover, the triumvirate, while incurring the liability of directing the party de jure, had de facto secretly, just between themselves, appointed no one but S.S. Ostapchenko as the acting head of this political force!

So, the uplifted right thumb of Olha Yatsenko was perceived by the most delegates of the congress as a confirmation of the fact that Victor Fedorovych Yanukovych was indeed supporting them with his whole heart. By the most but Nadiya Lukashevych.

During the obligatory buffet party after the end of the congress, already as the elected president of the board of the non-governmental organization just knocked together, she seized an opportunity and whispered to Serhiy Ostapchenko that the letter was not real but made with Olha Yatsenko’s own hands.

Serhiy Ostapchenko, who had just proposed a toast and shouted a thrice-repeated ‘hurray’ in honour of Olha Oleksandrivna Yatsenko, was extremely displeased to hear this. But Nadiya Lukashevych also realized that there was no way back for her.

The buffet party went on.


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